Sunday, February 13, 2011

Obama Should Be Happy To Learn That Front Runners In Egypt Are Anti American and Anti Israel

This should make President Barack Hussein Obama extremely pleased with himself...

From Yahoo News:

Even before President Hosni Mubarak left office on Friday, a number of hats were already in the ring to succeed him. Egypt's political future remains in flux, and it's unclear how soon the emerging contenders will get to make their bids for the now vacant presidency. So far, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces - to which Mubarak had ceded his authority - has simply decreed that the current government ministers would continue running things until new elections are held.

At the top of the list may be Amr Moussa. State TV reported Friday that the former Egyptian foreign minister would be stepping down as Secretary General of the Arab League, where he has served for nearly a decade, renewing speculation over a presidential bid. The long-time diplomat has a large popular following in Egypt because of his habit of publicly criticizing policies of the U.S. and Israel, in marked contrast to Mubarak's quiescence. And he may be the only contender praised in a chart-topping song. Moussa made local headlines over a year ago when he demurred on the question of whether he would make a bid for the presidency, and his name has been at the tip of many tongues in Tahrir Square. "All of Egypt loves Amr Moussa," says Ali Hassan, a 21-year-old student. For Egypt's allies, Moussa may have the added appeal of being "not far from the establishment," Rashwan says. "That will be a kind of guarantee to international powers that Egyptian foreign policy will be stable." (See the 2009 discussion about an Egyptian successor.)
But there's also wildcard Mohamed ElBaradei, the nobel laureate and former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency, who captivated Egyptian and foreign media with his return to Egypt early last year to mount a fresh challenge Mubarak's dictatorship and abuses. ElBaradei commands a loyal youth following and launched the National Coalition for Change, the first broadly based campaign calling for constitutional amendments and an end to the regime. His followers have campaigned hard to promote him as a possible presidential candidate, despite ElBaradei's evasiveness on the subject. But his forays into the protest movement have been limited; the bespectacled reformist tending to tweet his dissent more often than physically acting it out. And many Egyptians still say they don't trust a man who spent much of his career abroad to make the call. "ElBaradei has lost credibility," says opposition politician Hamdeen Sabahi. "He is not really connected to the country and its people." Others have gone so far as to accuse ElBaradei of trying to hijack the revolution.
Obama should be pleased with himself over this development, Chicago Jesus seems to be drawn to and extremely friendly tith anyone that hates America and Israel.  Afterall, the article says that Amr Moussa has a habit of publicly criticizing policies of the U.S. and Israel. I'm quite sure that Obi-One can give him some pointers on other ways to trash America and Israel, he's been doing it consistently since he was running for office, hell for that matter, since he was born.

Any of our allies in the world now knows that Obama can not be trusted. The whoever leads Egypt will be either a Marxist or a member of the Muslim Brotherhood or some other Islamic Terrorist. Seems to fit right in with the Obama agenda of Change. Obama's Change for America is its destruction!!

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