Sunday, February 13, 2011

Could This Be Sudden Jihad Syndrome?

The mainstream media is always quick to point out to their readers when a crime is committed by a Republican, a Jew, or a Christian, but if the offender is a Democrat or (gasp) a Muslim, they often decline to post the name of the offender, party affiliation, and/or Religion.  So as I read this story about a Taxi Driver in San Diego who drove his cab into a crowd of people, and there is no name or any indicator of the persons nationality, one can only assume the obvious.

From the San Diego Union-Tribune:

— Investigators trying to figure out why a taxi driver plowed into a crowd outside a popular Gaslamp Quarter nightclub early Saturday are wading through varied, and sometimes conflicting, statements from nearly two dozen injured people and numerous witnesses, as well as security camera footage.

“We have to determine exactly what people saw, not what they heard or thought they saw,” said San Diego police traffic Lt. Rick O’Hanlon.

O’Hanlon said investigators are looking into whether the 48-year-old Emerald Cab driver may have fallen asleep as he drove slowly south on Sixth Avenue and veered across a sidewalk, striking pedestrians on the corner of Island Avenue in front of the Stingaree nightclub at 1:54 a.m.

Authorities initially reported 25 injured, six critically. But Saturday afternoon, O’Hanlon reduced the number to 23 injured and described six as being in serious but stable condition. A 42-year-old woman’s leg was amputated below the knee after she was pinned between the cab and a wall, said San Diego Fire-Rescue Department spokesman Maurice Luque.

If you keep reading the entire story, one must ask, if the driver fell asleep at the wheel, then why did Stingaree owner James Brennan say the cabbie had a pair of scissors in his hand and swung at one of the club managers, although he didn’t know what the driver intended to do with them?  Hmmmm.....

I'm sure when it's revealed who committed this crime, the left wing government controlled media will be sure to blame Sarah Palin, George Bush and the Tea Party for inciting the individual to commit such an act and in no way, will Obama or his Media Minions admit that it may if fact be an act of terrorism...Only if it's a right wing christian/jew will they do that and that stupid bitch Nepalitano will be quick to point out that it's Domestic Terrorism.  PROVE ME WRONG!

Upon further review of CNN, Reuters, and the Daily Mail, they all gave no indicator as to the name of the taxi driver which can only lead me to believe that it was not a hindu, buddist, jew or christian...

I know, I know, the progressive libtards will refer to me as a racist or a bigot, but the fact remains, they can't prove me wrong on this in the long run.....You know I'm right, had this been a white conservative christian or jew, you know damn well, it would be front page news!

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