Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Let's Go Fishing

My wife and I just moved to Vernon, Connecticut this winter from Grand Rapids, Michigan.  After all the snow we've gotten here and the intense cold temps, I've found my mind wandering and I've been doing a lot of daydreaming about going fishing.

I've done the charter cruise thing on the Brooklyn out of Sheepshead Bay, NY several times for Blues, and I've had much success when I visit my inlaws in Belle Harbor.  But now that I'm an east coaster, or shall I say, a New Englander, I need to find some stomping grounds around here to fish.

I'm interested in the lake and rivers, as well as the surf and pier fishing around the coastal region of the state.  Anyone know some hot spots?  Let me know your thoughts and ideas on this.  Any and all suggestions are welcomed.

Let's go fishing!!!

That's me with a King Salmon caught from Michigan's Pere Marquette River in Walhalla, Michigan.  Caught it on a 11.5 foot ultra light noodle rod with 6 lb test line with a streamer fly consisting of Lavender, White, and Red Bucktail and the hook dressed with pearl mylar tinsel.  My own creation based on a larger version of a fly used extensively in Alaska introduced to my by an old friend who was a US Army Chopper Pilot now retired.  I shrank it down and made an ultralight version of the fly.

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