Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Yet another member of Obama's inner circle is taking a exodus from the administration and running for the hills.

From FOX News:

It wasn't easy for President Obama's senior adviser David Axelrod to leave Washington, D.C., behind.
A snow storm of epic proportions was bearing down on Chicago, a typical Windy City welcome home party. He was concerned that his flight would be cancelled. He couldn't face telling his daughter Lauren, who has fought a lifelong battle with epilepsy, that he might be late. She's a daddy's girl, like most daughters, looking forward to a bit more time with the man who spends most of his time with the president of the United States.
But there was another thing that made leaving a bit harder than he thought.
After all his grumping about the culture of Washington, he says he kind of grew to like the place. There were lots of close friends he'd made, and it was bittersweet to step out of the powerful office he enjoyed in the West Wing for the last two years.

He stated it wasn't easy leaving Washington behind... How bout a boot in your ass?

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