Sunday, October 24, 2010

Second Jewish Republican In The House?

It would seem that my peeps are slowly coming around to their senses, and the possibility of Eric Cantor being joined by another Jewish Republican in the House of Representatives.

From the NY Jewish Week:
It’s hard to imagine a congressional district where party affiliation has as little value as New York’s 1st CD in Suffolk County.
The current congressman, Tim Bishop, is a Democrat. His predecessor, Felix Grucci, was a Republican. Grucci’s predecessor, Michael Forbes, was a Republican who became a Democrat, and the seat holder before that, George Hochbruekner, was a Democrat who succeeded William Carney. Carney was a member of the Conservative Party who was elected on the Republican ballot.
“It’s a very volatile seat,” said Michael Dawidciak, a Republican political consultant who lives and works in eastern Long Island. “It defies definition by the national [party] committees because it is both conservative and liberal. People have very strong opinions about certain issues.”
The district, which is 89 percent white, with slightly more Republicans than Democrats, includes the tony Hamptons as well as working-class towns like Riverhead and Patchogue and some farming communities.
Perhaps Jews are starting to see that the Democrats really are not friends with Israel and the Jewish people and that they align themselves more with Radical Islam and Atheists more so then they do with people who hold traditional JudeoChristian values.  One can only hope.

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