Sunday, October 24, 2010

Nanny State Alive & Thriving in Michigan

No wonder business and jobs are an endangered species in the once great State of Michigan, the gubmit knows what's best for you!

Zoning board closes Smitty's Pronto Pup for violation of ordinance | | Grand Rapids, MI

PARK TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WZZM) - Ever since "Smitty's Pronto Pup" opened in the fall of 2008, controversy has followed.
Now the restaurant, which is located near Holland State Park, has been shut down for a menu item that Park Township officials say has violated the terms of the zoning agreement.
Mark and Kimberly Smith own and operate the restaurant from May to September each year. They say they gained approval from the Park Township Zoning Board to remain open on weekends through October, but that ended this past week.
"We don't believe they [zoning board] acted with due process of the law here," says Mike Smith, Pronto Pup owner.

Sit back, let the government at all levels, command every aspect of your life. Don't get concerned about anything - your government knows what's best for you. I guess fascism is only for smart people like you. You bet is changes every few minutes - why because the unbelievable acts of stupidity keep coming faster than the news can keep up with them.

More little acts of tyranny and Martial Law style law enforcement from the top all the way down to selling doughnuts. Laws used to be enforced with some degree of common sense but no more. It's a shoot first and ask questions later mentality at all levels of government.
What ever happened to a simple notification to stop doing something that violates a local code or ordinance?

I agree that selling doughnuts has probably stepped on the toes of a friend of a friend or a friend of a friend wants a new food establishment in the area or somebody wants property - something like that. It appears Jerry Felix has an agenda or is flexing power without regard for impact on the business owners.
If we don't like this kind of rule then we should get rid of those that rule this way.

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