Friday, March 10, 2006


Dubai Ports backed down yesterday on their attempt to control United States ports, vowing to turn over control to a US owned company amid reports that both houses were willing to over turn any veto that President Bush promised on a bill to stop the Arab company from taking over control of major sea ports in the US.

"DP World will transfer fully the U.S. operations ... to a United States entity," H. Edward Bilkey, the company's top executive, said in the surprise announcement that seemed to spread relief throughout the Capitol and the White House. It was unclear which American business might get the port operations.

Just hours earlier, Republican House and Senate leaders privately told the president that Congress was all but certain to block DP World's plan. Under pressure from a disapproving public, a House committee overwhelmingly voted against it Wednesday. The leaders told Bush the Senate would inevitably do the same, despite his threats to veto any legislation killing the deal.

But alas, the United Arab Emirates expressed anger at congress for taking US security interests before monetary or whatever hand holding/ass kissing appeasment deal the President made with the arab nation.

What, that can't Arab nation pissed off at the United States? The UAE will be forced to the back of the line on that one.

Dubai is threatening retaliation against American strategic and commercial interests if Washington blocks its $6.8 billion takeover of operations at several U.S. ports.

A source close to the deal said members of Dubai’s royal family are furious at the hostility both Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill have shown toward the deal.

“They’re saying, ‘All we’ve done for you guys, all our purchases, we’ll stop it, we’ll just yank it,’” the source said.

I wonder if the Clintons will still get payed by their foreign friends? The two have them have their hands extremely dirty in this one. Hillary claims to be against the deal, but we all know she has lied before. How can you tell Hillary is lying, you ask? When she opens her mouth!

A source close to the deal said members of Dubai’s royal family are furious at the hostility both Republicans and Democrats on Capitol Hill have shown toward the deal.

I have to wonder just who the hell the President is working for anyway? A huge majority of Americans were against this deal, yet he still wanted to go thru with it. Why would the President who has at the very least, portrayed himself as a national security hawk want to give himself the image of a "Limp dick Democrat" in a major election year when a large number of Republican congressional and senate seats are up for re-election this year. Republicans in both houses had no other choice but to stand against the President this time.

I'm just waiting to see if Bush/Cheney have the balls to let Halliburton be the company that takes over the ports.

All the while this was going on, I couldn't believe my ears when I heard Rush Limbaugh actually defend this deal. It was Michael Savage and his radio show, "The Savage Nation" that really opened up the eyes of Americans as to how wrong "PortGate" really was for America...The Rogue Jew salutes a true patriot, Michael Savage for doing so!

The President of course was guilty this time of pulling the race card, saying that Americans were discriminating against the Arab run company..."Your right Mr. President!" How far out of the realm of reality has the President become? I think that the time his father and Bubba have been spending together is clouding his mind. "Reality check Mr. President. It was Arabs/Muslims/Islamofacists that attacked the United States."


The_Bad said...

Just shooting from the hip, here: Bush is in his final term, Cheney does not intend to run in '08. I guess it makes a lot of Republicans (current '06 and potential '08 candidates) look good to America to stand up against the deal. Sure, it smacks of conspiracy theory, but it does follow a certain logic.

If it must be a US company, can anyone name one besides Halliburton that is capable of the job? I imagine the dems will cry crocodile tears over that!

Anonymous said...

Oh no!! The fat rich royalty of the UAE is upset, someone please call dhimmi carter, I think there are a few sheiks that need their hands held, or maybe a grea big hug! The UAE is threatening to...what...take away 'strategic'interests, meaning perhaps the ports our navy ships dock? What a freaking joke! The US military being there is the only thing stopping one of their "friendly" muslim neighbors from attempting a takeover and the fat sheiks know it.