Thursday, March 09, 2006


With all of the money that Anti-War/Attention Whore/MSM Slut for hire, Cindy Sheehan has made by exploiting the death of her son, United States Army Specialist Casey Sheehan, you would think that this grieving dirt bag of a mom would have had the decency to honor the son she claims to have loved so much a Memorial Marker for his grave...WRONG!!!

Sheehan has benifited from the $250,000 military life insurance policy that she collected from the government that she despises, she has received many thousands of dollars worth of gifts from her handlers and liberal supporters. She went out and bought for herself a brand new VolkWagon Beetle convertable, but yet strangly eneough, she has failed to honor the son from whose death has brought her fame and fortune with a simple headstone for his grave. For two years his grave has sat without a memorial headstone.

But alas, in Crawford County Texas where Cindy Sheehan found her street corner in life to peddle her wares as a hooker would peddle her ass, there sits a memorial to Cindy herself. A memorial to her ever growing ego and shrinking moral fortitude.

She has used your son's death to promote herself as a caring mother, but in the process, has abandoned her surviving children and her husband in exchange for fame and fortune and the life of a rock star. Some day we will find a collapsed mother Sheehan in the Betty Ford Rehab Clinic in a bed between Jennifer Lopez and George C-Looney in the newly built Attention Addiction Wing funded in part by Babs Streisand and P-Diddy Sean whats his name.

The Rogue Jew


Lonewatchman said...

That crazy bitch hates her son, because she hates the military and the country.

Anonymous said...

If it was my son I wouldn't put a marker up either, not with you Cindy Sheehas hating bastards on the loose. Who knows what your kind would do to that marker.....after all, Casey's boots were stolen from another memorial and we all know that the right wing is full of nut jobs and assholes.

Anonymous said...

agreed, anonymous. you guys are fucking nuts. blog authors, faithful pro-rogue jews, I'm looking at you.