Wednesday, February 22, 2006


The head numbnut, pencildick in charge, President Bush wants to allow an Arab owned company to manage and operate our ports. Are you as stupid as the Left makes you out to be? WTF!

I, a simple Jewish man in West Michigan can give you 3 valid reasons that this should not take place.

1. Dubai Ports World is a state owned company. In short, that means in all actuality that a foreign government would be in charge of our ports.

2. The United Arab Emirates refuses to recognize the Jewish State of Israel, our only true friend in the Middle East. That explains why Jimmy Carter, a closet anti-semite supports this deal.

3. The United Arab Emirates recognizes the Taliban as the only true government in Afghanistan. A country where many of our nations soldiers have perished liberating that huge sandbox nation.

You do the math. Republicans and Democrats are both against this deal going through.

The President and his band of merry followers including Rush Limbaugh have praised this deal and said that the Dept of Homeland InSecurity and the Transportation InSecurity Administration would be in charge of security at the six ports in question.

Having worked for the TSA, and knowing first hand that the people in charge of that disOrganization are the dumbest bunch of f#@k ups I have ever met in my life. The crap that goes on behind the scenes in Airport Security is criminal at worse the way that they treat employees and cover up their mistakes. Mistakes that could cost the lives of Americans. They are the last bunch of schmucks that I want to see working hand in hand with an Islamic nation with our nations ports.

If this deal goes through, then the War on Terror was all a huge hoax.

One should ask, is President Bush and Michael Chertoff Brain Dead? This idiocy is actually causing me to become physically ill having to agree with the likes of Senators Barbara Boxer, Chucky Schumer and (ugh) Hillary Clinton!

The Rogue Jew


Lonewatchman said...

Does anyone know where the president is? This alien doppleganger is getting out of control. Maybe it was Bush that got shot by Cheney, and they replaced him with a clone from North Korea.

Ellie said...

EVERYONE in government had their eyes closed. It makes me wonder if some of these guys who write about the "New World Order" know what their talking about.
Instead of Super Power were becoming the super wiper upper...please pass the charmin... and bend over please...

The_Bad said...

Hold up, buddy. Don't knee-jerk too quickly on this one. Have a look at my arguments here. I'm not decided either way on it yet, but the President has made an excellent argument for this deal, and the media is telling me I should hate it. That should give you pause.