Friday, February 10, 2006


The latest rage in the Islamonazi world of Pakistan was fueled not by a cartoon, but by someone leaving a koran in a drainpipe somewere in the backwards world of Pakistan.

It is in the opinion of this writer that it was probably a radical mullah or cleric who wants to keep fanning the current flames of fury that occured over a cartoon of the so called Prophet Mohammad in a Danish paper several months ago. To me, isn't that like laughing at a joke 5 days after someone tells it too you? Are these people really that freaking slow?

But as of late, as the fury was starting to cool down over the cartoons, someone finds a Koran laying a drain and THAT sparks off riots in Pakistan causing further violence and the burning of buildings. These people really know how to express themselves.

Last year of course, violence in the Islamic world was sparked off when an American left wing news publication "Newsweek" published a falsified story about American soldiers flushing a koran down the toilet. It was later proven that the detainee retracted his statement about the Koran abuse leaving the publishers of Newsweek with the same egg on their face that Dan Rather had when he used falsified documents to report on a story about President Bush's service record in a obviously politically motivated stunt by CBS and its Liberal news staff prior to the 2004 election.

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