Tuesday, January 03, 2006


How long till someone finaly does something about this lunatic that is President of the Islamic Rogue Nation of Iran? Are we going to sit by idely as he builds a weapon that is able to reach and destroy the peaceful Jewish State of Israel? Is it not eneough that the Jews of Israel have to deal with the Palestinian missles being launched from the land that they gave up to these Arab pawns?

Do you think France gives a damn about Israel? They did'nt during WWII and Jeac Chirac of course IS good buddies with Saddam Hussien.

The Iranian President Apu Bin Booty or whatever his name is, claims that they want Nuclear power for peaceful purposes. Yeah right! And the French are daring and brave people too, right? Bullshit!

I sincerely hope that the United States and Israel are planning on taking out this schmuck and his reactors before they become a serious problem. We should not stand by and wait much like the administrations of Jimmy Carter and Bill "BJ" Clinton did. Look where that got us!

And while all this is going on in plain view, Rep. Murtha says he wouldn't join the military today. Of course he wouldn't. Because that would require bravery and a backbone which as a Liberal Democrat, he has neither.

Congressman John Murtha might have been a highly decorated and brave individual at one time, but much like his soul, he sold all of that to the devil when he decided to play politics with our men and women in uniform, for which he should be deeply ashamed. His actions and the actions of Jimmy Carter, Ted "hic" Kennedy, and John Kerry are treasonous and degrading to our country and the men and women who are fighting for the survival of this great nation.

I work with a young woman who is joining the Army and leaving for Basic training on Jan. 7th. She is doing this knowing damn well she is probably going to end up in Iraq. She can't wait to get there. Oh, did I mention she is also African-American? I tip my kippah to this very brave and patriotic young lady.

The military already has eneough idiots that use the word "Can't" to damn much! A putz like Rep John Murtha would not be missed in the ranks of our military today! Much like all of the other liberal Democrats who believe in defeatism, he has traded his spine and guts for votes from the cowards and socialists that make up the "Base" of the Democratic party.

John Murtha and his treasonous friend in the Senate, John Kerry can step up to the fence of the White House together and throw both their medals and their souls over it, for they are not deserving of the medals and have no use for the other for they already sold that to the devil sitting on the Left!

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