Monday, January 16, 2006


Hypocracy just runs rampant within the ranks of the Democratic party. Al Gore gave a speech today blasting President Bush (Big Surprise) eavesdropping in on calls made from America to suspected terrorists overseas.

Where was Al Gore's rage when his boss was spying on American's? What about his anger toward the first fraulein Hitlery Clinton when she was misusing the IRS and the FBI with her strongarm tactics against the women that her adulterous husband, then President Bill Clinton sexually exploited during his tenure as Govenor of Arkansas and as President of the United States.

Al Gore, former Senator and Vice President who lost the 2000 Presidential election to George W. Bush has never once chastised Bill and Hitlery Clinton for corruption and scandals that rocked most of the 8 yrs that the three of them ran this country into the ground. Clinton and his wife were perhaps the most corrupt first family in the history of this nation.

Gore is calling for the rule of law to be restored. Does this schmuck even have a clue about the law? He stood by and watched President Clinton and Fraulien Hillary break laws and obstruct investigations everyday. Good ole boy Al even fractured a few laws himself when he was caught accepting illegal campaign contributions from the Communist Chinese.

The Dems need to clean their own house before they start throwing stones at glass houses, for they themselves are not without sin or blemish. The Clintons and their friends were proof that their closets are FULL of skeletons. Just peek inside of Ted Kennedy's closet. It probably has a whole body or two in it!

At least President Bush is spying on suspected terrorists and their contacts within the United States. That makes the security of our nation his motivation. The Clintons on the other hand were motivated by greed, power and revenge. Big difference between the two.

The Leftist Democrats are purely motivated and driven by politics and their quest for power and the chance to outspend the Republicans with our tax dollars on useless social programs. Their only interest in National Security is for the United States to lose the war on Terrorism and for the President and the American people to be humiliated by failure. After all, what is bad for President Bush and America is good for the Liberal Democrats and their quest for power.

Al Gore is another schmuck of mammoth proportions that needs to keep his big huge traitorous mouth shut. Him, Kerry, Moron and Murtha are all traitors to our country when they give hope, aid and comfort to the enemy of this country...Islamofacists.

Al Gore wasn't this vocal when Clinton was selling missle technology to the Communists Chinese in exchange for Campaign cash. Not one peep out of the putz when Clinton pardoned all of those Puerto Rican terrorists and let them loose to attack America again.

Never one word of condemnation from Al Gore and his socialist friends when Iran is threatening Israel with extermination.

Funny how these traitors are quick to condemn our President and our great nation but are drawn emotionally to murderous dictators, thugs and terrorists, virtually defending them and their crimes, cheering for the other team as it may be and hoping, praying and hoping some more for America's defeat by the Islamofacists, Mullahs and terrorist dictators that surround and threaten the free democratic nation of Israel.

Whose the real terrorists here. Al Gore never wimpered a peep when Clinton was utilizing the FBI and his attack dog Janet Reno in launching terrorist attacks against our own citizens. Murdering and pillaging as they went along their merry way.


The_Bad said...

Poor Al Gore - always in the wrong place at the wrong time. I challenge Gore, along with all the other hollering lefties to state what law has been broken here. They can't, because it hasn't happened. If Bush and administration had broken any laws, there would be a whole bunch more going on than media sound bytes.

But if Al Gore wants to be upset about abuse of power, Zev is right to ask him to look at what happened during the Clinton administration:

On April 22, 2000, Janet Reno (Clinton’s Attorney General) ordered a SWAT-like offensive in Miami. Was this to apprehend a terrorist that had a hand in the first bombing of the World Trade Center? Perhaps they were grabbing someone involved with any of the other several terrorist attacks on U.S. interests during this administration? Sorry – none of the above! On this day in April of 2000, the Clinton administration pepper-sprayed and tear-gassed protesters, media and citizens, and then sent about two dozen agents in masks with machine guns into a Miami residence in order to send a little boy to a communist nation. The boy, of course, is Elian Gonzalez and this raid was possible without the evil Patriot Act, legal standing, or even approval from any other arm of government. However, I’m sure administration officials received Castro’s approval before their conduct.

Don’t believe me about their behavior? Ask Tony Zumbado, an NBC cameraman: “we got Maced, we got kicked, we got roughed up”. This man was beaten by a federal agent for attempting to film their activities in a highly publicized dispute. Let it also be known that Zumbado was the only cameraman at the scene providing pool coverage for all the networks.

One of the masked, machine-gun-toting agents later said on CNN that he had “never encountered this much resistance.” What I’d like to know is how long this jackass has been performing these sorts of operations. I’m guessing it was his first day on the job, because I can’t fathom how much resistance he would have encountered from a seven year old boy in an unarmed household. Maybe it was the guy from the media with that dangerous camera in hand!

There was also that little incident in Waco, Texas. Janet Reno (again) without the benefit of the Patriot Act (again) gassed and burned men, women and children. I don’t defend Koresh or the Branch Davidians. However, I also don’t defend the deadly tactics of the same people who criticize Republicans of the very same thing. This situation was handled poorly (not uncommon during the Clinton administration), yet I didn’t hear anything from Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Howard Dean, or Nanci Pelosi about the abuse of power in either the Waco or Miami instances.

Tovya @ Zion Report said...

Yeah I heard his whole spiel on Michael Medved today... what a kook.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I like this sort of crap from people who are real big on multiculturalism, when anybody who knows anything about Buddhism knows that you give money to monks, but would NEVER accept money from a monk -unless you're a crooked rat bastard and a shill for the Clintons (or is that redundant?).

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that Al Gore was introduced to the crowd by former GOP Congressman (and former United States Attorney for the Northern District of Georgia) Bob Barr...

Why was the introduction and (more importantly the introducer) left out of all the MSM reports and the wingers on both sides?

Barr was absolutely to the right of the mainstream and possesses insight through his days as a prosecutor and member of congress. I am more willing to believe his analysis of the intercepts than I am Scott McClelland or Alberto Gonzales.

abumaklubah said...

al gore is alive and you know what? sharon is on his death bed.

The_Bad said...

Why was the Bob Barr introduction not covered by the MSM? It seems to me that this is an entirely pertinent question.

Is it because the MSM leans to the right? DUH, of course it doesn't.

Is it because the Howard Dean brand of leadership has the democratic party concentrating on the wrong things? I believe so.

Even on the internet, very little is to be said about the former GOP Congressman (and extreme Christian Crusader) introducing the former Vice President. I am surprised that more conservatives aren't talking about this, too.

From the left, I think that the thought process is, in Deanesque form, the only media-worthy release is that of Gore's anti-Bush rhetoric. Chances are likely that they think the "fly-overs" (that's everyone that doesn't live in either NYC or LA) will not understand the relevance of Barr's introduction.

From the right, I think that most conservatives want to distance themselves from the likes of extreme religious zealots such as Barr and Robertson.

Either way, I think that Barr's introduction was far more newsworthy than the entire content of Gore's speech.