Wednesday, January 18, 2006


No, it's not Wacko Jacko. Keep reading.

Another Liberal Judge lets a child rapist/molester go free to continue on his merry way of raping young boys with no worry of ever going to prison for his behavior.

Brockton Superior Court Judge Suzanne V. Delvecchio went against the wishes of the Prosecuting Attorney and sentenced convicted Child Rapist Gregory Pathiakis who also happend to be his underaged victims teacher to 2 1/2 years suspended jail term. For all of you non-legal beagles, that means he gets to go home, buy a new computer and surf for more child porn, tons of which was found on his computer along with the illicit emails he sent to his victim.

What the hell is up with Judges letting these scumbags off with nothing more then a slap on the wrist. I'm sure if he was caught with weed or drunk driving (Unless your Ted Kennedy of course) he would have been put away for a long time and the key misplaced.

What kind of sub-human form of feces sniffer can allow these douchbags to roam around the streets free? Has not history proven that it just emboldens these kind of bottom feeders to go out and repeat this behavior and eventually the victim being killed in order to hide the crime? What makes the rights of the offender more important then that of the victims and the victims family?

I worked for 10 years in a Maximum Security Prison in Michigan as a Corrections Officer. I saw these scum come and go all the time. We called them "Tree Jumpers". I read some of the files of these predators who hunted down children as their sexual conquests quite often when I was on the night shift. Many of them showed no remorse for the crime they committed or the trail of victims they left behind. Many plotted their next move from within the confines of their cells.

Quite often these low lifes of the criminal totem pole were people that were trusted by the victim and the victim's family. Teachers, babysitters, and Youth Ministers or Counselers. People that exploited those kinds of positions to camoflage their true intentions...SEX, RAPE, VIOLENCE.

Now we have Liberal Judges that are exploiting the trust that the community has given them to advance a social agenda instead of protecting the public from these sexual vultures. A judge in Vermont allows a sexual predator who molested a young girl for several years to sit in a cozy county jail for 60 days. Now this hero of NAMBLA in the very liberal state of Taxachussettes, home state of the Drunken lady killer Senator Ted Kennedy and the 2004 loser of the Presidential race, Sen. John "I was in Vietnam" Kerry, allows a sexual predator of young boys, A teacher nontheless, to get off with a suspended sentence.

One of the most famous sexual predators of all time, has been singer Michael Jackson danced his way out of a child molestation conviction and danced his way to Bahrain, Saudi Arabia where Islamic men find it normal to sexually exploit young boys. Michael done found himself a home where his behavior is accepted as the norm.

Because Islamic men are taught that women are bad, they sodomize young boys quite regularly for within the customs of Islam, a boy is not yet a man. So that makes raping young boys oky doky according to the followers of Muhammad. Pass the purple koolaid!

With radical Islam being normalized by the American Mainstream Media, and the demoralization of America with the constant omission of G-d from our daily lives courtesy of the commie butt bangers of the ACLU, behavior such as child pornography and the sexual exploitation of young children is soon to follow as "Normal" behavior.

If we are not careful and we continue to let Judges like these two Captains of the Butt Pirate Brigade get away with their Raping of our Judicial system, Hashem will soon tire of it as he did with Sodom and Gomorah and destroy our great shining nation. But I think that left to our own devices, we will probably accomplish this on our own!

The Rogue Jew


Greta (Hooah Wife) said...

Nice - really nice! I think they should make pedophiles live next door to judges who set them free!

Anonymous said...

You're an idiot. The rogue Norwegian.