Thursday, November 24, 2005


Well, once again the Rogue Jew is on the job and ready to report on the stupidity of those in charge of the Transportation Security Administration at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids Michigan.

My sources have informed me that Transportation Security Supervisor Kim C was caught padding her time sheet with overtime hours that she did'nt work! Last time I checked, an offense of that nature was stealing and one that would get a normal person terminated. Not in this dis-organization. She was banned from hanging out at the Administration building, where absolutely nothing gets done unless it's done by a screener on light duty to begin with, but that's another story alltogether aint it Marie? Anyway, because this Supervisor was known to pull the race card ever so frequently as a means to defend her incompetence, sources tell me, the powers that be chose to demote Kim C. to Screener while allowing her to keep her Supervisor pay.

Anyone who knew this bitch, knew that she was one of the laziest people around. First laziest being her right hand man Mike K, also known as "Special K". If Kim C. would have had a dick, Special K would have been on his knees infront of her the full 8.5 hours of the day as a willing sperm recipient. All of the Sups love this schmuck because he is the biggest sphincter polisher in the world, but I digress....

My sources told me that Kim C. was AWOL for 4 days, and that the latest word is that she was terminated for not reporting to work. Now, Special K and a lead named Brenda are moping around because they realize that they are no longer able to hold Kim over the heads of the Screeners that they love to terrorize and abuse to their own delight.

Funny how this incident happens almost a year after the big "Slow Down" Scandal. I'm still celebrating this victory for my friends who are still working amidst the abuse and incompetence of the "Leadership" sic that misguides the Transportation Security Administration throughout the United States, and especially Grand Rapids Michigan.

Max and John, little do you know that this little event has done so much to lift the spirits of your Screening Force during this holiday season. Hell, I don't even work there anymore and this news made me feel like it was Hanukkah in July!

Those not feeling so good about this would probably be Special K, and Brenda. Now this incompetent duo will need to find a new rectum to pucker up too. For Special K, I am sure he has already replaced Kim and found himself a new Pimp Daddy. His lips and tongue are worthy of the Museum of Natural Science for the speed and precission for which he can polish a puckered sphincter.

As for former Transportation Security Supervisor Kim C, I hope that someday you have to work for a person that was as big of an asshole and a bitch as you were to all who had to work under you! You are truly deserving of the Rogue Jew's "Jesus May Love You" award!

For those who remain that are guilty of being huge pricks toward those they mis-lead (John, Max, Bob, Lori, Mark, Mike R., Kent, Paul, Mike K.,) Your day maybe just around the corner, and I and hundreds of others await it with pleasure!

The Rogue Jew

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