Wednesday, November 09, 2005


The domino effect has started in America! The City of San FranFreako (San Fransisco) has voted to ban guns, thus castrating themselves and opening a HUGE door for Islamic Radicals to begin their Jihad on American shores.

The losses will not be great though in the Golden Gate city. Transtesticles and the Homosexuals who have been tearing a hole into the Moral Heart of this country will be the first to fall victims to the Islamic nut jobs that the Liberal Left continually turn a blind eye to.

They are the new Nazi party of the 21st century, and as the media closed its eyes to them in the 1930's, the media is once again repeating itself and allowing history to come full circle in America.

The constitutional right of a person to "Keep and Bear Arms" is what liberated this country from King George in 1776. It is what has kept Communism and Globalism at bay from storming our shores and squashing our liberties. If we give that up, what is to stop the Hitlers of the 21st century from trying it again?

These new Hitlers are already here. Disguised as the Party of the Working man in America. The Charles Schumers, the Clintons, Ted Kennedys and the John Kerrys. Elitist Americans who talk from both sides of their mouths. Preach higher taxes from one side and stash their money in overseas accounts from the other. Declare Capitalism as Evil from one side and from the other side...Buy and Sell and get richer from the other side. Hypocritical douchebags one and all.

George Bush isn't going to save this country either. The Democrats have turned him into a huge pussy. The guts and glory that had him lead us out of the ashes of 9/11 have disappeard. I know not who I shall turn to for leadership in this country anymore. Are their no more Ronald Reagans or Charleton Hestons out there? Have we succumbed to becoming the same castrated eunichs that the French are?

Men of America, it is time for us to reclaim our testicles. We need to snatch them from the jars that the feminists and the Liberals have stashed them in and Strap them the Fuck Back On! These are dangerous times here in America. The real men of America have been beat down, spit on and castrated by NOW, CAIR, and the ACLU! The time is drawing near for us to Kick Ass and Shoot Back. We can already accept the loss of California, the land of fruits and nuts...But the rest of America.....Not on my watch.

I am not counting on the Cronyism state of the Dept of Homeland Security and the assholes that direct the TSA like a Keystone Kops flick. Those dickless wonders only care about their wallets and whose assholes they have to lick next to move up to the next slot as a dick catcher, because thats all the Harnish's and the Mumma's are good for. They sure in hell are not their to keep this country safe.

I'm counting on real people. Real Men! Men with guns. Men who want to defend this country if the threat of Islamic Terror comes to knocking on our back door or storming through the Left Door. Men who spit and cuss. Men who burp, fart and scratch themselves. Rednecks, Urban Dwellers, Jews and Christians. Time to Lock and Load Fellas!

The Rogue Jew

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