Thursday, November 10, 2005


Head Liberal Bitch in Charge and one of Bill "BJ" Clintons Harem of Hollywood Sluts, Barbara Streisand is calling for the Impeachment of President Bush.

Who in the hell told this bitch that she has any say in anything to begin with? She has'nt been welcomed in Washington, DC since Hillary found out about her stay in the Lincoln Bedroom while she was away and the Chief Pervert himself was home all alone.

Babs do us all a favor....Do what you do best, whatever the hell that maybe, just shut the hell up. Real America is not listening to you. The only ones listening are your fellow Comrades heir Babsy.

The Liberals claim to be such a caring people, except when it comes to hating George W. Bush. They can justify that seething emotion that eats them up everyday, while claiming to be compassionate.

Look, I admit it at least, I dislike Liberals. I don't Hate them. I dislike them. I am even married to someone who claims to be a liberal, but I just think she is a confused moderate who wants to irritate me from time to time. Liberal she is not.

The hatred that Barbara Streisand and Co. have for the President and Conservative Americans is equal to that of Hitlers hatred of Jews. He justified his slaughtering of the Jews much as the Left justifies their destructive desires toward George W. Bush and others like myself.

Is that Ok? and Why is it ok???

I will ponder those questions and others as I watch the "News".

The Rogue Jew

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