Sunday, October 02, 2005


Statistics show the sacrifice made by Colonel Johnson's 2nd Battalion on the Island of Iwo Jima: 1,400 boys landed on D-Day; 288 replacements were provided as the battle went on, a total of 1,688. Of these, 1,511 had been killed or wounded. Only 177 walked off the island. And of the final 177, 91 had been wounded at least once and returned to battle.

A total of 6821 American soldiers were killed in 36 days! Over 19,217 were wounded.
Should we have given up after the first 100?

Imagine if there had been a Cindy Sheehan or Liberal American Hating Democrats during World War 2. We would probably be speaking Japanese or German now. Free speech would not exist, and what of the Jewish people? Were they not worth saving more then 60 years ago?

And now we jump to modern times. Liberal Democrats who hate America and pray for our defeat so that to embarrass our President who they hate more then the Islamic Radical Terrorists who want to destroy this country and its people. And Democrats call Republicans "Mean Spirted". Their hate seeps from every pore in their bodies.

The party of "TOLERANCE" has become the most hateful group of people in America. Their hate is directed at defending and supporting KILLING AND MUTILATING of unborn babies.

They claim to be the defenders of womens rights, but have done nothing to further the rights of women in America or other countries. They tear down and insult every action that President Bush has taken to do this.

What have Liberal Democrats done to further the rights of Blacks? Their support of the Welfare Programs that have ripped the Black family apart in America proves that they have no desire to lift a single finger to help the Black family in America. Welfare programs that promote and reward unwed mothers. Welfare programs that have made minorities dependent on the tit of big government rather then themselves and making their own lives better. Creation of their own wealth, not the redistribution of the wealth of hard working Americans.

Thank G-d that they're was noone named John Kerry, Ted Kennedy, Bill Clinton, or Hillary Clinton the day Pearl Harbor was attacked. They quite obviously would have raised the white flag and surrendered our country and its people to the forces of evil.

Imagine if Jimmy Carter had been President on 9/11. He failed and the Iranian people in 1979. Imagine how he would have failed us 4 years ago.

History proves that if we would have had weak leaders such as Bill Clinton or John Kerry in times of National Tragedy we would trully had been doomed. Clinton would probably had been getting a Blow Job on 9/11. But according to the Liberals that would have probably been better then reading a book to children.

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