Saturday, October 01, 2005


Senator Hitlery Clinton is begging President Bush not to tilt the what I call "moral balance" of the Supreme Court.

Why is it that liberals think that they control the balance of the courts when they no longer control the legislative and executive brances of government? Is it that they fear they will no longer be able to advance their destructive agenda on America if they lose their ability to legislate from the bench?

Supreme Court Justice and former ACLU attorney Ruth Bader Ginsburg recently declared that she feels she is advancing the rights of women and I must say, judging by recent decisions of the court, the rights of gays also.

Being Ginsburg is a former ACLU lawyer, does that not alert anyone to the fact that she is a socialist and as far left as one can get? Why was it ok for former President Bill "BJ" Clinton to put a Socialist on the bench but President Bush cannot put his more conservative choice there as well?

I guess what pisses me off is that President Bush is cowtowing to these liberal punks. I would have hoped in his second term he would have been more destructive to the liberal advances upon mainstream America, but he is doing nothing to "flex" his political muscle in Washington, and he's letting the Liberal Socialist pricks such as Ted "hic" Kennedy, Hitlery Clinton, and Presidential Election Losers Al Gore and John Kerry push him around the legislative playground.

And Spend!?!....He's spending money like a 1980's Democrat. When he said we're going to the moon again and it's going to cost xxx billions of dollars, I hit the roof! I think instead of paying to put a man in space, we need to concentrate on winning the arms race against Communist Chinese and closing up our borders to keep terrorists and illegals from flooding over our borders.

Don't get me wrong. I DO NOT REGRET casting my vote in 2000 and 2004 for George W. Bush, given the only other options were the Socialist Schmucks from the Democratic party who NEVER, EVER have given voters a reason to vote for them other then to promise redistribution of wealth through social welfare programs that Huricane Katrina proved have failed. And the Democrats main foundation for their existence, seems to be legalized murder. Abortion. Killing and dismembering of unborn children...Democrats are literaly the party of Death and Mayhem.

The one thing I do regret, is that President Bush has not kicked liberal ass all over Capital Hill. What in the hell is he scared of? Americans want a strong decisive leader with BALLS! That is who I thought I was voting for in 2004. That was our mandate to the Liberals. Remember George, the people of the United States of America were the ones who elected you, not the people of Iraq, Saudi Arabia and France. It was mainstream Americans like me. It was our mandate that we voiced. Our mandate to put the right people on the bench, not the people that Hitlery Clinton and Chuck the Schmuck Schumer want.

No more catering to the Communist degenerates of Hollyweird. Sean Penn, Babs Striesand and Alec Baldwin are not the voices of real true Americans. Real Americans do not live in the utopian dream world of these putz's.

I just hope that in the coming 3 more years, that George W. rediscovers his testicles and kicks some liberal ass.

Oh yeah, and one more thing...If I hear you refer to Islam as the religion of peace one more time, I will puke! It's time to call a spade a spade. It is radical Islamists that are trying to kill us, so we in turn need to nuke their sheep schtuping butts back to Mohammads time! The CAIR can kiss my Jewish butt and the line begins with OSAMA YO MAMMA bin Laden and every other Sunni Muslim that doesn't like America!

Pretty much everything I learned about Islam I learned working at a Maximum Security Prison in Michigan and I got my PHD on 9/11/2001. Religion of peace my ass!


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