Thursday, October 06, 2005


My friends at the Transportation Security Administration at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport in Grand Rapids Michigan....You need to read this! You need to call the number listed in the story. Even though I am no longer with you, I am calling this number to tell our story. To tell the truth about the abusive and inept leadership that we all have suffered through since the TSA's inception. I need your help though. We all need to call and tell them about Kim, Kent, Mark, Max, John, Blaine, Mike K, Mike R, all of these schmucks that have made our lives miserable.

Dear Friends and Members

MAWA is presently working on a letter from the NY Delegation
of Law makers to expand on the Boston Investigations with in additional regions. MAWA is moving on all fronts to expose the Wrongdoing and Abuses to our Federal Screening workforce.

These are not isolated incidents reported by a few Federal Screeners but it does appear to be an epidemic on a national scale. We request that anyone wishing to report abuses to call our offices in NY at 646-643-0834 or our Texas office at 512-249-6784. Our staff will be happy to assist you . Together we can and will create change. Remember we are the American Worker serving our Country.
Bob Marchetta
Director of Rights & Mediation
Metropolitan Airport Workers Assoc.
Local of the United Steel Workers Union

Twelve Democratic lawmakers from Massachusetts are calling for an investigation into alleged labor abuses by Transportation Security Administration managers at Logan International Airport in Boston.

The Massachusetts delegation has asked the Homeland Security Department's inspector general to look into claims of abuse from more than 200 TSA screeners at the airport.

The alleged abuses "could have a serious adverse effect on job performance and the safety of passengers, employees and others at Logan International Airport," the lawmakers added.

Another group of screeners--the Metropolitan Airport Workers Association, based in New York City--has also asked for an investigation into problems screeners have been experiencing in receiving workers' compensation for injuries. The association sent an Oct. 2 letter to TSA Director Edmund "Kip" Hawley and DHS Inspector General Richard Skinner requesting an investigation.

Skinner's office was unable to confirm by press time whether it will conduct an investigation into alleged abuses at Logan. The office said it had not received any letter from the Metropolitan Airport Workers Association.

TSA said in a brief statement in response to the complaints that it "is committed to fostering a safe, professional workplace where all employees are treated respectfully."

The agency has a number of programs aimed at helping employees who feel "these high standards are not being met," the statement continued. They include the Integrated Conflict Management System, focus group sessions and town hall meetings that give workers the opportunity to air their grievances.

"TSA will continue to listen to the concerns of its workforce and take appropriate action when necessary," the agency stated.

TSA spokesman Darrin Kayser said the attrition rate for screeners at Logan is about 22 percent, down from 25 percent to 28 percent several months ago. The average annual attrition rate for screeners nationwide is 25 percent, he said.

In other un-related news, a little reminder for the Schmucks who run the TSA at the GRR in Grand Rapids.

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