Thursday, October 06, 2005


I don't care what you say, former President Bill "BJ" Clinton is still a deviant douchebag as far as I'm concerned.

Where does this draft dodging, anti-military butthead get off saying in public that the United States is not going to win in Iraq? What kind of message does he think that sends to the sicko Islamic Terrorists that are in Iraq trying to kill our sons and daughters in uniform over there in that ungrateful oversized litterbox?

His statement just proved to me what a socialist anti-American he really is. What makes him such a military genius, this draft dodging, communist piece of camel dung? Clinton was too busy getting his "WILLY WAXED" and Hitlery was busy demonizing his victims of sexual assualt to catch the Islamic Terrorists that eventually launched the 9/11 attacks on our great nation.

Clinton and the liberals that support him and the downfall of our country, do not care that this kind of rhetoric gets our soldiers killed and gives hope to our enemies. The Clintons, John Kerry, and Teddy "hic" Kennedy only care about regaining power to further destroy our country from the inside. What they are doing is nothing short of TREASON!

Free speech or not. What Liberals like Clinton, Carter and Sheehan is giving aid and comfort to our enemies. It gives them hope to carry on their fight. Maybe if more of our Liberal Democrats were to quit thinking of themselves for a moment, and even pull their heads out of their asses and take a stand for OUR SIDE for once. Do something to demoralize the Islamic threat that is encroaching on our great Judeo-Christain nation from abroad as well as the well funded Islamic fruit cakes that are already living and worshipping within our borders.

The left only further proves to me just how selfish, power-hungry and anti-American they really are. I hope there is a special place inside of the 9th circle of hell for all of you!

This is America. We are a free Republic. Love it or get the hell out!

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Floyd's Lists said...

Liberal ass-waxers can gobble Floyd's johnson.