Saturday, October 08, 2005


HONOLULU -- Internal investigations at Transportation Security Administration offices around the country have resulted in the firing and discipline of managers and employees since the TSA was formed in 2001.

In May 2004, four top security TSA managers were removed following an investigation at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. The TSA launched the probe after security screeners alleged upper-level mismanagement and harsh working conditions. Workers complained of being overworked and of understaffed checkpoints, The Seattle Times reported. The allegations were eventually passed on to then-Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, who launched the investigation.

At Miami International Airport, the assistant director in charge of screening and two screening managers were suspended after allegations of sexual harassment in 2004. Former TSA manager Alex Carter claimed that his male supervisor made inappropriate sexual advances toward him, according to the Miami New Times. In March 2003, Carter wrote a letter to then-Miami International Airport Federal Security Director Ed Guevara registering a formal complaint. In August 2003, the TSA fired Carter for "failure to meet conditions of employment."

Another management shake-up occurred last December at Spokane International Airport. Three top-level managers resigned in the wake of a TSA investigation, which looked into claims of a hostile work environment and preferential treatment of certain employees at the airport. The resignations followed a petition initiated by TSA employees, which was sent by U.S. Sen. Patty Murray urging officials in Washington to take action. The petition said that "leaders intimidated workers and engaged in personal and unprofessional relationships with others," according to the Spokesman-Review newspaper.

One of the more recent investigations of alleged TSA mismanagement started in late April and ended a month later with the resignation of three top airport security officials at Pittsburgh International Airport. According to the Pittsburgh-Tribune Review newspaper, the investigation focused on allegations of fraud, intimidation, and sexual harassment. TSA employees said grievances and complaints were not passed on to TSA headquarters. Employees also said they were sexually harassed by at least one of the top managers, the newspaper reported.


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Lonewatchman said...

I've got some days off the middle of this coming week. I'll give ya a ring. After seeing what a farce that mass casualty exercise turned into at 5/3 Ball Park I can't really find a reason to hold back the truth about our local DHS office and the GRR FSD. The last thing we need in GR is to a an incident happen and the rest of the country find out DHS made the same mistake in GR as FEMA did with Brown. Which oddly enough is the same mistake the TSA has made in GRR about a dozen times. Least qualified, highest ranking.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget our beloved Phoenix FSD Marcia Florian who was fired last summer.

Anonymous said...

For the latest on the TSA investigation into upper management at Honolulu International Airport place Robert Cravens Honolulu or TSA Honolulu in the GOOGLE or YAHOO search engines or contact Keoki Kerr
or myself Robert Cravens. A new (#6) KITV exclusive was aired Friday.