Sunday, October 09, 2005


After watching the news the other night and seeing young caucasion women being searched before getting on the subway in New York City, I was reminded as to why the TSA and DHS are such monumental failures and do absolutely NOTHING to make us safer in the air or on the ground.

In a Politically correct effort not to offend the real perpertrators of Terrorism in the world, the Police and security officers are to search 80 yr old grandmothers and every other person under the sun EXCEPT people of middle eastern decent! Especially 18-30 yr old middle eastern muslim males are exempt from extra security.

The schmucks that are in charge don't want to offend anyone except 80 yr old caucasion women and old men in wheelchairs. G-d forbid the Communists at the ACLU or the terroists at CAIR find out we are targeting Islamic Facists who wish to kill Americans, Christians and Jews.

The Liberal Left is giving strength to our enemies. The Black Hitler, Louis Farrakhan stands side by side with Terrorists and we stand idely by and do nothing. That fake ass preacher of hate, Jesse Jackson has defended the murderous actions of the Palestinians in the past. He befriended the Father of Modern Terrorism Yassir Arafat.

During WWII, Arab leaders supported Adolph Hitler in his desire to exterminate the Jewish people.

Who is the real enemy here? Grandma and Grandpa who receive "Special Attention" when they go thru an airport or the Middle Eastern Muslim who if I remember my history correctly, is the one who wants to kill me.

When we were at war against Japan, the United States rounded up and detained thousands of people who were Japanese, and no matter what face you want to put on it, we are at war against Islam. Muhammad was no peaceful prophet.

If we truly want to be safer in the skies then I have an idea...GIVE EVERYONE WHO BOARDS A PLANE A GUN! EVERYONE! And to make us safer on the ground, every person who is able to should be trained to get their Concealed Weapons Carry Permit. Every man and women who is a citizen of the United States and has not been convicted of a felony or a serious misdemeanor, should be responsible for helping to defend the United States of America by carrying a concealed weapon for which they have been trained to use, and every year required to spend a certain amount of time at a firing range so as to practice the truest form of gun control.....Being Able To Hit What You Aim At! Terrorists....Islamic Terrorists!

I say, "Give me freedom, and give Islamofacists lead!"

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Red said...

You tell it, brother!!!
Man, that is exactly right!!
Everybody has been so dumbed down and politically corrected, that they just don't seem to care. Apathy reigns.
Your post reinforces my position on profiling.
You are dead-on as to who the real enemy is.
Keep up the good work.

Red said that.