Friday, September 09, 2005


And the three ring circus continues in Louisianna. Of course where there are cameras and microphones, who do you find? The IrReverend Jesse Jackson, that's who! Just another chance for this racist hypocrit to spout off his big fat mouth to advance his agenda of keeping racism alive in America and fatten his wallet doing so.

I turn on the TV and of course the Hollyweird elite are using the spotlight of the destruction of Katrin to plaster their faces on TV. It's their way to make the storm all about them. Attention whores are all they are.

I love the fact that what's his name, Kanye West was delivered round of thunderous boos at the NFL kickoff at of all places, Boston Stadium....Liberal Central.

Face it, true Americans are sick and freakin tired of the liberals trying to advance their socialist, marxist agenda on a people who enjoy freedom and liberty. Mainstream America does not let the punks and whores of Hollywood determine the direction of this great Nation. Yes, at times we do stumble and fall, but like the true bad asses that we are, we get the hell up, brush ourselves off, and go about our business. Americans are winners. We will not be defeated. Not by storms or Islamic extremist terrorists.

The marxist, anti G-d ACLU is of course in GITMO telling the terrorists being held prisoners not to talk. Just whose side are these shit for brain idiots on anyway? I say that we take these American/G-d hating ass munchers and ship every single freakin one of them to Iran, Jordan, Pakistan or Turkministan. These self loathing bastards don't like the freedom they enjoy here in America, then let them live where religious and personel oppression are the norm.

Here's a little peice of news you can stuff down Hillarys ugly throat. The Bush administration has spent more in 5 years on the levees of New Orleans then her adulterous failure of a leader husband, Former President Bill "BJ" Clinton. So much for the queen Bitch's finger pointing that the storm damage was the fault of President Bush.

In my opinion, G-d is pointing his finger at the G-dless of America and giving us a warning and at the same time a payback for backing the idiotic idea of surrendering the Gaza Strip in Israel to the terrorist Palestinians as a reward for their attacks. Makes me wonder what Hashem has in store for us when the Backstabbing self hating Sharon gives up the West Bank next.

That's it for now......You can bet your bottom dollar, I'll be back later with more! The Rogue Jew.


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W.C. Varones said...

Kanye West is a comic genius.

Lonewatchman said...

Kanye West is a feeble minded corporate invention, that's why he can barely form a sentence when trying to shoot from the hip.

Red said...

Right back at cha!!
Thanks for stoppin' in at The Red and The Black!
It looks like we might have alot in common politically.
I don't get to post as often as I'd like, but when I do, I try to make it good!!
I'm where you are with all this Hollywood and liberal media crap. I just can't figure out why it still goes on. Somebody's got to get a clue pretty quick, right?
Hey, do you drive a big truck?
I only ask partly because of your picture and because of the way you write.
Don't worry, I'm a driver, so I'm not gonna slam you for it.
I'll catch ya on the get-around!!
You have been bookmarked.

Red said that.