Friday, September 09, 2005


The LoneWatchman gave The Rogue Jew exclusive permission to publish his Resignation Letter that he submitted to the Transportation Security Administration at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport back in July when he made the wise decision to leave the TSA. For those of you considering the move from Government work back to the private sector, this is a good model for your Letter of Resignation.

To whom it may concern,

It has become clear over the last two years senior management has
consistently, and apparently intentionally, created and enforced
policies that contradict the mission of TSA and undermine morale.
Examples included but are not limited to; requiring supervisors to
allow screeners known to be incompetent on x-ray at even peak times.
Promotion of the least qualified candidates for positions on which
national security depends upon. Inconsistent enforcement of uniform
standards. Attempted discrimination against veterans that served in the
Global War On Terrorism. Failure of the leadership to create a model
workplace by committing, supporting, or allowing perceived favoritism,
potential retaliation, and refusing to address and correct workplace

Because of the nature of this occupation and my overall sense of duty,
honor, loyalty and patriotism it is no longer possible for me to
continue in such an environment. It is my hope a drastic shift in
either philosophy among the current leadership, or an all out
replacement of the current leadership will restore a climate of pride,
productivity, and performance to the screening force before either a
paralyzing manpower crisis or an unthinkable security breech occurs.

This is my resignation, because a patriot cannot endure this type of
environment, nor this type of conduct from leaders.


The Lone Watchman


Anonymous said...

can i use this letter to tell phoenix to F.O when i quit in a coupleof months?

Lonewatchman said...

I guess if it all applies. Pretty sad if these same problems are cross country. Otherwise go for it.

Anonymous said...

Same exact shit in Phoenix, just more of it!

Anonymous said...

Very well written. I felt and wrote a similar letter when I quit after18 months at GRR. I wish you well.