Thursday, September 29, 2005


Yesterday was like one huge liberal orgasm at the announcment of Tom Delay (R-Tx) stepping aside as the Senate Majority Leader. To listen to the mainstream Liberal media, they already had Delay tried, sentenced and executed.

I don't know what all of their excitement is about. Delay's name was not on the indictment. One caller to a Air America show stated that "He would'nt step down as majority leader if he was'nt guilty." And of course none of the boneheads at the failing liberal talk network bothered to tell her that him stepping down is part of the Republican Senate Rules, not an admission of guilt.

Ladies and gentlemen....It's all smoke and mirrors. Partisan politics is playing a big part in this one. I would bet ownership of this website that when it's all said and done, Sen. Tom Delay will walk away from this unskathed.

Speaking of Air America. Word has it that they are in a financial quagmire. Going down faster then an intern in the Clinton Oral Office.

Much like Al Gore with his hand out to a bunch of Buhddist Monks, Air America has its hand out to its listeners begging for donations to keep afloat.

For a 50 dollar donation, you will get three “I’m Building Air America Radio” bumper stickers. Write a check for $100 bucks and they'll whisk on their way the bumper stickers and a “stylin’ yet functional tote bag”. For $250 bucks you’ll receive the stickers, the tote bag and one of the on-air hosts will actually say your name on the air!

Could you imagine the what the mainstream media would be reporting if Rush Limbaugh or Sean Hannity made an appeal like this to their listeners. It would be all over the airwaves. The libs would have declared an instant victory if Rush or O'Reilly ever tried this.

Air America is probably pennyless because it recently had to repay $875,000 dollars that they TOOK from the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club in New York. Of course the Liberal media and the merchants of hate Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton never voiced disgust over Air America taking money away from poor black children in New York.

It just shows that real average Americans with morals and values are not falling for the garbage that spews from Franken and Garafalo and all of their Liberal Socialist asshole friends from Hollyweird.

The Jewish High Holidays begin next week. To all of my friends and loyal readers, I wish you "L' Shana Tova!" May you have a healty and sweet new year!

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