Wednesday, September 28, 2005


My name is Rep. Dick Lyckins (D-MI) and I've asked the Rogue Jew to
allow for fair time on his blog, so from time to time I will be posting
my own offerings on world events. For my first installment of what I
like to call, "Dick's Eye View", I would like to give the readers
something to consider about Cindy Sheehan. Recently the Rogue Jew and
even radio personality Phil Hendrie have criticized Cindy for smiling
while being brutalized by police officers trampling her civil rights.

We must understand that Cindy has literally lost everything, not just her
son, but her marriage, family, and old friends as well. To discover why
Cindy smiled while being man handled we need to examine her husband.
Cindy's husband continues to support the military and see his son's
murder as something noble, so we can all ready begin to see the insanity
of patriotism in his thinking. This type of man is typically
conservative, "traditional", and masculine, which are all code words
for abusive, woman-hating, and evil. Imagine what kind of horror Cindy
had to endure for the years she was with this awful creature; imagine
the trauma during their honeymoon, not only emotionally but physically
as well. We know all sex is rape, but for Cindy something wonderful
seemed to happen, she had a son that she loved very much. Sadly this
son's mind would be poisoned by his father's seed and the lies of
George W Bush. When Cindy's son was killed she understood that his
spirit could only be redeemed by her sacrifice to educate the rest of
the country about his sickness. Finally when Cindy made it to D.C. she
was arrested, and because of her months of being alone, snapped and
remembered what she used to think was normal, the brutal rape of
marriage. This is why Cindy smiled as she was dragged away by police,
she fell back into that idea that abuse was love, and she had been
without it for so long. We cannot allow ourselves to forget Cindy's
message just because of her moment of weakness. We must remember Cindy
is a grieving mother, she is without blame, he quest is noble, and her
son's death will change us as people forever.
-Rep. Dick Lyckins (D-MI)

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