Thursday, September 01, 2005


Ok, I'm going to be the bad guy here. I'll say it! With all of the fund raising maniacs coming out of the wood work to raise money for the victims of Hurricane Katrina, will it be the victims who will get the money and the aid needed, or will it line the pockets of crooks and terrorists like what happened to all the money given to the victims of the tsunami in South East Asia last year? Will the American Red Cross be using this money to update their computer systems and to buy new furniture as they did with 9/11?

As you can tell, I am very suspicious about where the money is being sent. The relief money sent to Southeast Asia to assist with the recovery after thousands upon thousands were killed after a tsunami struck the region ended up in the hands of Gang leaders and Islamic Terrorists.

And of course, the Hollyweird elite will be "flooding" the airwaves with relief concerts and whatever else they can think of to take YOUR money to help victims of the hurricane. It's rarely ever any of THEIR money that gets raised, mostly YOURS.

It's not that I would not like to help. My wife and I are not the stereotypical "CHEAP JEWS". It's just very suspect the amount of money that ever REALLY reaches the victims it is intended for and how much is actually spent on administrative costs and yes, the money or relief items that never, ever make it to their intended victims, lands in the hands of Warlords, Gang Leaders, and yes.....ISLAMIC TERRORISTS!

Before you give, check out where you are sending your money. Make sure it's reputable and Non Profit and that most of your money will end up in the right hands and not lining the pockests of Islamic Terrorists, or HollyWeird Fruit Cakes.

The Rogue Jew

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