Monday, August 08, 2005


MAWA will continue to inform our elected officials of the conditions which exist at our Nations Airports regarding our Federal Screeners . This issue was commutated to to a Senator in regards to the TSA's underhanded attempts to terminate Federal Screeners just under the 3 year period so as to prevent the Screener from acquiring their right to parts of their pension, along with other possible Rights to Federal employment which would be credited as cutbacks in the workforce are increasing.

I do urge all of you to write your Representatives and Blow the Whistle on the DIRTY Tactics of TSA HIGH PAYED OFFICIALS . They are creating their Raises off of your Backs and your Livelyhood. Unless you, as Federal Screeners Like the Unemployment Line and being in Debt, then ACT now and let your elected officials know that you VOTE . Do not let them turn their back on you as a Federal Worker and an American While TSA Managers have all the luxuries of home while you as Federal Screeners are Paying the costly price of Keeping them in Style. Contact your local Official at WWW.SENATE.COM or WWW.CONGRESS.ORG . Like I said; BLOW THE WHISTLE on the Abuse. Send us an e mail at WWW.MAWAUS.ORG This will assist us in acting on your concerns. We can make a difference. Do not let the TSA officials turn you into their personal profits by Administrative Trickery. Federal TSA Security Screeners are not commodities ,They are Assets to America and our way of life, Dedicated personnel determined to keep the American Public Safe.

Bob Marchetta
Director / Employees Rights
Metro Airport Workers Assoc./ Associated Local of the United Steel Workers of America AFL-CIO

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