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This story is from TSA-SCREENER.COM
You can bet if it's happening elsewhere, then it's going to happen at the Gerald R. Ford International Airport soon eneough. I'm surprised that Krista hasn't gone running into Max's office with this idea. Not like you're not already on your feet 8 hours straight while the lazy ass Stupidvisors and Leads sit on their ever widening asses and don't lift a finger to help. Now they want to take the one half hour stretch that you can get off of your feet. Do you think they'll take away the stool from the Stupidvisors? Hell no, that'll never, ever happen.

Boston's Logan Airport, from where two planes were successfully hijacked from two private security companies on 9-11-2001, is quietly replacing all federal TSA Exit Lane agents with private security guards on August 21, 2005. You won't hear a "we are making things safer!" MASSPORT press conference on this one...

These new private company security guards will make $4 less than TSA employees make and earn $6 less an hour than private TSA-contracted screeners made in 2002...for the same security vital position. Penetration of many Logan Airport Exit Lanes provides rapidly smooth access to unsuspecting passengers, airport runways and access to parked planes.
Since early 2004, private security companies have been gate screening international flights in the federally protected sterile area in violation of Congressional mandates of federal agent and screening to be done only by those federally trained.

Logan's private companies utilize former TSA-contracted private screeners whom were rejected due to non U.S. citizen issues. This forcible rejection based on nationality, coupled with a then drastic cut in their salary rates makes these companies employees susceptible to bribery for being turned by Al Qaeda. Or, by any other criminal seeking unauthorized access, for that matter.

Surely, many of those rejected by this country because of their nationality have an immediate personal motive to feel a desire for possible revenge, should that chance ever come before them.

Now such an opportunity...has been handed them by MASSPORT and TSA. It is amazing that the Department of Homeland Security also allowed this downgrade of Logan's airport "sterile area" security.

MASSPORT and Logan airline operators were burned once already, yet now MASSPORT and TSA, have turned the other cheek. Instead of staying the course, they have chosen to roll the dice with the lives of 25,000,000 flyers each year.

Their security gamble puts hundreds of federal TSA screeners at risk, as well, because many Exit lanes can't be personally monitored by TSA supervisors. Cameras don't serve the public interest being used to replace actually present in person federal oversight. As 9-11 proves, cameras beaming down on checkpoint entrants didn't deter terrorists one bit nor can they be used to apprehend them in time to save anyone.

TSA & MASSPORT have already okayed these private company security guards. They are not federally trained nor Congressionally authorized [unless the airport as a whole "opts out" of federal agent screeners airport-wide].

This puzzling flip-flop against federal security for Logan flyers comes in the face of TSA suffering one of its highest resignation rates here, steady at 38%. Since TSA isn't allowed to completely replace every resigning federal screener, there is no turnover ratio to be more helpfully noted.

In the last few weeks already one preliminary private security company Exit guard supposedly allowed a breach in Logan's newest terminal "A". Shades of post 9-11 problems come to mind. Here we go again...

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