Sunday, July 17, 2005


Here’s a quick but true story about the promotion process I experianced
while working for the TSA. It should make everyone think twice about
who is making the decisions that keep them safe in the air.

So who are the candidates and who gets the promotion?

A woman with a BA in psychology, and whom has been acting lead multiple
times? Nope.

How about the 82nd Airborne vet, who actually applied with a 10 point
vet preference for disability? He also acted as a lead damn near every
weekend while we were short leads. Should he get the promotion? Nope.

How about the guy that gave up his first year of marriage to guard the
captured terrorists that created the TSA. The guy who had been face to
face and hands on with the jerk that missed the plane four years ago.
Does he get promoted? Nope.

Here we go, someone with only a GED and some time as a screener prior
to 9-11. Yup, that's the promotion.

Does this instance fit in with the mission of national security?
Is this ethical?
Is this even legal concerning veteran's preference?
Do you feel safe at the airport?



GRRRRR said...

Excellent, let the truth be told!!!

Anonymous said...

lonewatchman, I think you just aired out what everyone at GRR has been thinking for a long time. Kudos to you!

JRWC said...

We need more information concerning this individual... Why did he, she, or it get the position? Surely there is more to this than what you posted!

Lonewatchman said...

I suspect this individual was promoted because he/she would be passive in the face of corruption. You see when you have senior leaders that don't know policy, or just don't care about policy and want to do their own thing, they tend to promote those without the knowledge or the backbone to challenge corruption.

Anonymous said...

The persons who "made" the lead position a while back are mostly spineless and pretty much lumps of clay which the supervisors can mold into what they want the "lead" to be. It's very obvious, actually. And very sad to watch them try to do their jobs, well, try not to...whatever, it's sad.