Thursday, July 21, 2005


Could you picture "Special K" doin something like this?
We've all seen this lech drooling and staring on the checkpoint
And he's been known to make off color comments about
the ladies that come through the checkpoint. But as a "Lead"
He is immune to any repercucussions of his actions. After
all, they would never punish one of their own.

But then there is of course one on afternoon shift. This guy is a joke. He thinks he has every promotion "Locked Up" till they tell him they gave it too one of their Coast Guard cronies or some other schmuck with better knee pads and not as rough of a chin to lay ones....Well you know where I'm goin with this one. Even the Supervisors laugh at this putz. And oh yeah....Wash your own Freakin bins!.....

Rumor has it that he was seen wearing a shirt similar to the one pictured. I guess he's big eneough to be a billboard, but WOW, what a Public Relations Jerk Off!

I heard that it was a passenger that told a Supervisor recently about seeing this Schmuck out in public wearing a t shirt that said this.

Alright, Gotta Go! Don't forget to keep me up to date on the whole Skipper and Barney thing.
One last thought, hmm makes you wonder if Deputy Barney does'nt have underlying Homosexual tendencies. Schtupping someone who looks like a little boy and all. Oh yeah, is'nt she still living with her husband.....Can you say "THREESOME"....Can you say "YUK"!
Later on Guys!

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Anonymous said...

Truly I have never seen such an assembly of steaming shit since "squeeze it, and leave it" day at the dog park, as there is in this line up of leadership.