Thursday, June 23, 2005


The other day, something I heard on the radio and tv really irked the hell out of me. Celebrities calling for the President to increase budgetary spending on global AIDS.

Now this is what gets me. Why are we spending so much more money on a disease that is completely preventable such as AIDS instead of say Breast Cancer research or even Nancy Reagans crusade against Alzheimers disease?

AIDS/HIV is a totally preventable. Yes you hear right. 100% PREVENTABLE! Through abstinence and protection one can avoid getting AIDS/HIV. Simply by keeping ones rocket in ones pocket or if you are unable to resist the temptation of a beautiful ladie or that handsome hunk, throw a wrapper on his salami!

CONDOMS and Just saying "NO" are the best ways to avoid this dreadful disease. But in Hollyweird, where sexual deviance such as homosexuality and pedophilia are openly promoted and accepted as normal behavior, they insist that we as taxpaying citizens pay out of our pockets for this deviant behavior.

I am a married man in a MONOGOMOUS realationship. I will not get AIDS or HIV because I live a moral lifestyle. Why should I pay out of my pocket so that some guy can butt slam his male buddies in the city of San FranFreako or so that some pervert can safely have sex with mulitiple children in some third world slum of a country?

Global AIDS/HIV is not our problem. Alzhiemers and Breast Cancer IS a problem. It is our job as Americans to tell the freaks and perverts in Hollyweird that if they want more money for global AIDS/HIV to pull it out of their own deviant pockets, and to quit reachin into ours!

The Rogue Jew

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