Thursday, June 23, 2005


Ok, now I'm pissed off! New York City has declared that it is ok to use the Quaran for swearing in during court procedings.

Now I'm Jewish, but I have never been told that I could use a Torah for swearing an oath on in court or even once upon a time when I became a member of the Elks Lodge.

These people are coming to America to escape tyranny and oppression, but they are insisting that WE assimilate to their culture rather then they assimilating themselves to American culture.

Now granted, thanks to the immorality of the Hollyweird Whacko's and their buddies on the socialist, liberal left, the whole world thinks that Americans are nothing but a bunch of amoral sexual deviants like that pedophile Dr. Kinsey that the left chose to make a hero out of by completely lying about what a "tree jumping" pedophilic bastard he really was.

This country is losing it's freaking mind and losing it's identity as the "MELTING POT" by becoming a bunch of politicaly correct pussies who are afraid to say whats really on our minds!

It is the opinion of this writer, that if you come to this country to escape oppression and tyranny, or even just because you want to participate in the "American dream" then it is YOUR duty to become an American, it is not my duty to become Pakistani, Mexican or where ever the hell you came from. Here in America we speak ENGLISH, not spanish, punjabi, or whatever. English is the language of this country...LEARN TO FREAKIN SPEAK IT! If you do not like the American way of life, then take your ass back to the backward, rat infested litterbox that you crawled out of and stay there!

If we are not careful, Islamic radicals will take over this country like they have done in France and every other country the move into and propigate like rats. It is time for AMERICANS to take back our country, defend our borders and kick out whoever does not like it!

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