Tuesday, May 10, 2005


Who in the hell in their right mind would think for one minute that Communist China would "assist" the United States in trying to get the lunatic leader of North Korea, which happens to be a Communist nation also, to back down in their intentions to become a nuclear power?!?

Communist China has everything to gain by having North Korea go nuclear, and as such would act as a distraction, thus keeping the U.S. busy and allowing Communist China to take back the Island Nation of Taiwan.

China will never be a faithful partner with Japan and America in keeping North Korea in check.

Alone, North Korea even with a nuclear weapon is no real threat to the United States or even Japan. Common scense should prevail and the Leaders of North Korea would have to know that the United States could turn them into a vast wasteland with our weapon capabilities. But that is where Communist China comes in and their closest ally inside of American Politics...Bill and Hillary Clinton!

Bill "BJ" Clinton after all, repaid the Communists for their genorous donations to his re-election campaign by giving them the technology needed to target their missles at our shores.

North Korea also in its need for money to feed its starving people could also sell a nuclear weapon to some schmuck in al-Queada to be used in Israel or the U.S.

Either way, Communist China is not going to help us with this problem...We will probably have to go this one alone also.

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