Monday, March 28, 2005


I must say, as a supporter who voted for President Bush twice based upon his values and his guts, I am about to admit how disappointed I am in him and in his brother; the Governor of Florida, Jeb Bush.

I thought that these two men had more guts than this. Even Janet Reno, whom I absolutely dispise, and her boss had more balls than these two cowardly schmucks who are in office as we speak.

Granted, I still would have voted for George W. Bush for President simply because John Kerry is the biggest LOSER I had ever seen, BUT, my support for a Jeb Bush administration....Well let's just say,.........I DON'T THINK SO!

Janet Reno showed more chutzpah when she opted to move against a court decision about Elion Gonzalos, the orphaned Cuban refugee who was STOLEN from his family here in the United States by the thugs Janet Reno and Billary Clinton to be returned to his father in Cuba, causing the Clinton machine to bend over and take it in the ass from a Communist dictator.

With all the Texas showmanship that the President displayed when it was time to wage war against Saddam Hussien and Osama "YO MOMMA" bin Laden, I really expected more out of him when it came to defending a human life right here in the United States of America. What happend to "Pro Life?"

Jeb Bush, if you are considering a run for the White House in 2008, let's just say you've lost this supporter...My support will be given to the person who casts politics aside when it comes to the value of human life...Although you can bet that it won't be a Democrat.


Lonewatchman said...

I don't understand why Jeb gave a media brief about how he could take custody of Terri via state protective services if he was just going to ask the same idiot judge who wants Terri dead for permision. Why did Jeb ever bother going on the air and saying he had power that he didn't, or that he wasn't willing to use? From my point of view Jeb has commited political suicide no matter what he does. If he does nothing then he loses a huge chunk of base, and if he acts he will probably get impeached and such. If I were Jeb and knew I was going to go down, I would go down doing the right thing, which is using the national guard to bulldoze the local yolkel cops and reminder judges everywhere they are not gods. Heck if your brother is the president you can get pardoned, W doesn't have to get re-elected.

Zachary said...

Does it bother you, Zev, that you hate with such a passion ("I absolutely dispise her and her boss") people you've never even met? I don't think this is healthy. I disagree with a lot of what Bush does/did, but I don't despise him. I don't wish him ill harm.

It can't be good for you to be so wrapped up hate like that.

Lonewatchman said...

I'd say it's reasonable for a Jew to despise a woman and her boss for buring men, women and children to death for their religion.

Zachary said...

Oh, okay. I getcha. I'd say it would also be admirable for a Jew/Christian to stone to death a non-virgin woman who married a man.

I don't think so. And I think you're harboring some pent up anger, as well, Mr. Lonewatchman. Because, you know, they burned these people alive on purpose. And I suppose you'd retort back that if people wanted to abuse women and children because their religion said it's okay, the government should allow that. Kinda hypocritical, eh?

Lonewatchman said...

Actually "stoning" was a punishment for being caught in the act of sinning. Jesus put a stop to that because really everyone is caught red handed, contrary to popular belief God can see through lead and court orders. So that's the Christian correction on that idea of punishment, I'll let Rogue handle the Jewish response since he is much more qualified than I.
Secondly I do indeed believe those people that were burned alive in Waco did not have to be. I have a very extensive law enforcement background and I know that is was n ot only tactically idiotic to surround a heavily armed compound but it was intentional to make a statement. Real cops would have just arrested Koresh while he was in town and without guns and bodyguards. To attack a fortress without need, either shows Reno to be incompetent or psychotic. Since she also stole a little boy out of a private home by gun point as well I would suggest she is psychotic. Furthermore I am against any "rationalization" to excuse abuse. In fact if you go back in Rogue's archive you can find an entry by myself about how to deal with abusive religions, called "Releasing Dracula. People "tolerating" abuse by those with a "cultural" or "religious" inclination to abuse others are what we call in modern America, liberals. You see the Torah/NT are in agreement men, women, and children all have intrinsic value and therefore abuse cannot be acceptable.