Tuesday, March 29, 2005


As I watch and read the news as of late, I have noticed something peculiar...Hillary and all of her sheep from the Democratic party have gone into virtual hiding since Terry Schiavo was given her death sentence for being a disabled American unable to feed herself.

Where are all of the defenders of women? Where are the Democrats who claim to defend human life? Life that isn't an infant in the womb anyway.

I, of course, disagree with the way Florida Governor Jeb Bush and his brother the President have handled this whole thing; like cowards! Surprisingly, the Democrats have disappeared from the forefront of the Culture of Death debates. I believe they just don't want to have to expose themselves in front of millions of people.

I believe it was in 1993 when Hillary was trying to get her socialized medicine package passed, or, as she called it, "Health Care Reform". She made it clear that she believed it was inappropriate to save a human life in some cases. I believe "Quality of Life" was one of the phrases she used.

If that is the question, then who is it who should decide what "Quality of Life" is? What exactly qualifies as "Quality of Life"? It seems to me that once again, government would be deciding for me whether or not my life was worth living. If you ask me, I really do not want Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, or Ted "hic" Kennedy, making life or death decisions for me. Kennedy would have to sober up first and quit drowning women in cars.

Liberal supporters, ask yourself..."Where are the Democrats?" This Republican's answer is that they are sticking their heads in the usual places...In the sand or up their asses!

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