Saturday, March 26, 2005


A little summary of Jewish History

Abraham and Sarah 1671 BCE 2080

Egyptian slavery begins 1428 BCE 2332

Exodus and Torah at Mount Sinai 1312 BCE 2448

Jewish people enter Israel 1272 BCE 2488

First Temple built 825 BCE 2935

Temple destroyed by Nebuchadnezzar; Babylonian exile begins 422 BCE 3338

Media and Persia join forces to conquer Babylonia 372 BCE 3388

Cyrus becomes king of Persian empire 371 BCE 3390

Achashverosh ascends throne of Persian empire 360 BCE 3401

Haman becomes Persian prime minister; Esther becomes queen 356 BCE 3404

Miracle and victory of Purim; Mordechai is new Persian prime minister 355 BCE 3405

Second Temple built 352 BCE 3408

Miracle of Chanukah 139 BCE 3622

Second Temple destroyed; Roman exile begins 70 CE 3830

Babylonian Talmud compiled 500 CE 4260

First Crusade 1096 CE 4856

Expulsion of French Jewry 1475 5155

Spread of Chassidism 1772 5532

First Zionist Congress 1897 5657

Rebirth of Israel 1948 5708

Saddam Hussein declares himself to be the "new Nebuchadnezzar," attacks Israel, and is defeated in the Persian Gulf War which ends on Purim 1991 5751

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birdwoman said...

I got myself a brief lesson in some particular Jewish history reading the book Blood Secret. It's young adult fiction by Kathryn Lasky. Don't know how much is true, though I've heard of many of the incidents, so I suspect it all is. Highly recommend it...