Saturday, March 26, 2005

GVSU GOP BAKE SALE OFFENDS LIBS-Opinion Submitted by Editor in Chief Mother Hen

Some people just don't get it. GVSU Republicans had a bake sale that was basically stating facts about Affirmative Action and they may be facing discrimination charges.

The young GOP group had cupcakes for sale, but they weren't all the same price. If you were a white male you paid more for your cupcake than if you were a minority or a white female. SO? Isn't that how it really is here in America? It's ok to do it with government funds and jobs, but not with cupcakes? This article just about blew me away! Since when does stating a fact have anything to do with discrimination? Oh, that's right; if you're white and state facts, it's automatically discrimination, but if you're a minority or a white female, then it's just fostering debate. Give me a break! I feel very sorry for my grand children and their children because the way things are going now, you won't even be able to look at someone funny without getting slapped with a "discrimination" suit.

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