Sunday, March 20, 2005


Secretary of State, Dr. Condi Rice is telling the members of the European Union not to lift their arms embargo against Communist China. If Europe really was friends with the United States, then you would think that this would not even become an issue.

"It is the United States, not Europe, that is defending the Pacific," Rice said. She spoke in Seoul, the penultimate stop on her weeklong tour of Asia.

As of recently, Communist China has went on a military spending spree, and let's not forget the sword rattling at the United States over the island nation of Taiwan.

My opinion is that China is interested in invading Taiwan and of toppling the United States as a Super Power in the world. And anyone that studies history will know that "Old Europe" is interested in the same goal, even after the United States has stood by countries such as France, Spain and England during the devestation of two world wars and financed much of the reconstruction following the wars.

I cannot believe that the United States government thinks for one minute that Communist China is interested in the least little bit in convincing the North Korean Dictator, Kim Jung of giving up his nuclear aspirations. If anything, North Korea is a distraction that the Chinese use to keep the US occupied while they build up their military, no thanks to the help of former President Bill "BJ" Clinton who supplied the Communists with our missle technology that now allows them to target our shores with their Nuclear weapons....Thanks for nothing Billary.

For those short memories, Bill and Hillary Clinton sold our military secrets to Communist China in exchange for campaign financing for their 1996 Presidential Campaign.

Has Mr. Clinton ever explained why the DNC received soft money from the communist Chinese government? How about Charlie Trie escorting several top Chinese officials into the White House? Why did Clinton make significant changes in government regulations applying to the sale of supercomputers to China and India without monitoring their usage? The Clinton administration released highly sensitive encryption technology that gave China the capability of decoding our spy transmissions. Thanks to the Clinton administration, most of China's ICBMs have the technology to reach America.

Like I have explained in the past, Communism is alive and well throughout the world and the fall of the Soviet Union was only a temporary set back for them. Thanks to 8 years of Bill Clinton's devestating policies pertaining to our military, demoralizing and the underfunding of our defenses, we now face this threat once again. Liberal are more then happy that we have become preoccupied with the War on Terror and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, thus distracting us from the threat coming at us from our allies in Western Europe.

We need to keep closer tabs on Red China and keep an even closer eye on those that claim to be our friends.

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stereodigital said...

Hello, im a Spanish citizen who has found your blog. Im a supporter of the state of Israel and jewish people, and i agree with some of the things you say in the post but i also have to tell some of your comments are not exact:
When you comment about countries like France, the UK and Spain i have to say that we were not helped after WWI or WWII by the USA as France could be, after war we had a fascist dictator like Franco and nobody in the world did nothing to remove him... good or bad, nobody did nothing and we had to live with him for 40 years after a devastating civil war.
We didnt get financed in 40s with plans like marshal.
In 50s USA supported Franco after visit of Eisenhower so he could keep until 70s in power talking about "a judeo-masonic and comunist" conspiration to remove him from power.
In the other hand other spanish mostly left wing oriented (and not only communists) helped jews in WWII (war in which Spain didnt take part), and some of them ended in concentration camps for that and died.
Im not a communist, i hate any kind of dictatorships... but world is not white or black. Thanks for reading this little critic and sorry for my bad english.