Saturday, March 26, 2005


The friend to all abusive husbands everywhere and muderous Judge George Greer from Pinellas County, Florida apparently has accepted campaign donations in the past from the law firm of Felos & Felos, of whom attorney George Felos is a part. He represents the adulterous husband of Terry Schiavo, who is at this moment murdering his wife with the blessings of Judge Greer of the Circuit Court.

Does anyone besides me find this to be a conflict of interest for Judge Greer? It was only $250, but it was still a contribution to the Judges campaign. The contribution was on May 7, 2004, the day after Judge Greer decided in the favor of Michael Schiavo and his attorney George Felos on declaring "Terry's Law" unconstitutional.

I equate this with paying someone to murder Terry! Judge Greer is nothing more than a legalized hitman for Michael Schiavo in his quest to "knock off" his wife to clear the way for him and his "New" family to get a fresh start. Hell, Scott Peterson could have learned a thing or two from Michael Schiavo. Of course in the liberal state of California, Scott Peterson will probably die of old age before he ever receives the justice he so deserves!

Justice is a word that means nothing anymore to Terry Schiavo and her family. A judge whose flawed decisions in the past have caused the death of a woman before. When it comes to the protection of physically endangered women, Pinellas-Pasco Circuit Judge George W. Greer rates a zero.

Long before finding himself at the epicenter of the Terri Schiavo tempest, Greer was on the wrong kind of the headlines.

In 1998, Greer denied an injunction for a wife seeking protection from her husband.

In the paperwork presented, the august Greer noted that the woman had not listed any acts of violence by the man. The injunction was denied. Days later, the husband stabbed the woman to death.

So, as you can tell, Judge George Greer is by far NO FRIEND TO WOMEN. Judge George Greer will kill Terri Schiavo as his exercise of ‘choice’. The law didn’t demand her death for a crime, nor did a jury of her peers condemn her to capital punishment for committing a heinous wrong. A circuit judge found her family’s pitiful appeal for her life tiresome. He ordered her to die. Her life is inconvenient; perhaps incriminating for her husband now that he has another woman and two kids. He won’t divorce her and give her parents custody as they beg for her life, even though they offered him all the insurance money, because Michael wants her dead. It’s his choice; adult abortion, and a pro-choice judge will oblige.

Judge George Greer is playing G-d from the bench and the leftist media is enabling him with their slanted coverage of the story.

Shakespeare wrote in "Julius Caesar": "First thing we do, we kill all the lawyers." And people think Shakespeare is old. He was way ahead of his time.

The Rogue Jew


Anonymous said...

No offense to anyone, but everyone is entitled to their opinion but sometimes people can be really stupid. This case was tried twice to determine what course of action to take and it was determined that this was what she wanted. LIVE WITH IT PEOPLE!!!!!!!!! How many judges have ruled for the original judgement. All the objection to this situation is do to religion. Religion and law do not mix. Sorry to bring this to your reality. It has nothing to do with campaign controbutions pr past actions of the people involved. The law is winning over religion and it is making a lot of people upset. There is a reason we are where we are today. We have realized that to move forward as a just society we have to put a boundary between religion and the law. So face it people you cannot get your beliefs to be chosen over the law because then we are living in the past when the church ruled everything and no one had any rights.

Rogue Jew said...

Where do you think that origin of law came from? The ten commandments is the origin of most law. Law given to Moshe by G-d. So how can you say that religion and law do not mix? You say this is why we are where we are today. A culture of death is where we are now. A devaluation of human life. There is nothing in the Constitution about a barrier between religion and law, only the establishment of a government controled religion such as the Church of England. USA founded by people who had a strong belief in G-d and his law.
The fundemental rights of this country are going away. Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness, all going the way of the DO DO BIRD...EXTINCT. All thanks to people who want to eliminate G-d from this country and establish a belief that Government will take care of you...Its been tried before; COMMUNISM.

Zachary said...

Where exactly is your documentation for this assertion of yours in regards to the judge receiving political campaign contributions? I'm not disbelieving you; I like to actually read the news source myself and see if a writer is misleading me or keep us on the straight and narrow. Let me know!