Wednesday, February 23, 2005


Rumor has it that Condoleeza Rice, Sec. of State could possibly be the replacement for Vice President Richard Cheney if he decides to step down because of health problems.

What genius that would be! The Republican would be the first to bring about an African-American Vice President who happens to be a woman also!

Being a sitting Vice President would put Condi on center stage for the Republican nomination in 08, and suck the life right out of any hopes that Senator Hillary Clinton may have for becoming the first woman President of the United States.

Miss Rice's resume for the job is impecible. She has the talent, the skills and the abilities to get the job done. Her life story is truly motivating. She is Pro Gun, anti-tax, Pro Family, and anti abortion and she is a Conservative Black woman who is also a scholar waiting to be unleased upon the already fumbling Democrats who have been lost in their liberal message for way too long, and whose time has come.

Senator Clinton has been called a polarizing, mean spirited, duplicitous, heavy handed manipulative woman with a vile mouth and a ruthless resolve. She has been called "Lady McBeth on Steroids" and known by Conservatives as the personification of all that is truly evil in this world.

If Condoleeza Rice decides to throw her hat into the political squared circle....She has my support and prayers. Good Luck Miss Rice!

Condoleeza Rice in 08

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