Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Unhinged Teacher: “Give Us the Billionaires’ Addresses!”

The liberal left is doing their best to redirect the anger of their Union supporters toward the people that actually put most of the people in this country to work.
From Big Government:
As government employee unions continue to rally across the country in support of the Wisconsin protesters, they are becoming completely unhinged. (Being surrounded by hygienically-challenged individuals who continuously shout mind-numbing slogans will do that.)
All the protests are understandable. The Democrats and the unions had a very bad election last November. Their only hope of stopping the inevitable demise of collective bargaining privileges for public sector employees is by swaying public opinion. The unions are playing a very weak hand, and the protests are their “ace in the hole.”
But what’s inexcusable is the attempt of some protestors to villanize and make veiled threats against private American citizens (namely “The Rich”).
Last weekend, some 2,500 government workers rallied outside the California state Capitol, to demand that the Golden State does not follow in the footsteps of Wisconsin. True to form, the government employees were spreading the vitriol and intimidation there, too.
Ms. First Grade Teacher, who are “they?”  SEIU’s Andy Stern?  AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka? MSNBC?
And what would you do with the billionaires’ addresses, Ms. First Grade Teacher? Add them to your Christmas card list?
Or do you want to ambush them at home, like the SEIU did last May to Greg Baer, the deputy general counsel for Bank of America? (The SEIU thugs were so intimidating that Baer’s teenage son, who was alone at home, locked himself in the bathroom out of fear.)
Is “Melody” typical of unionized public school teachers? I certainly hope not, but she certainly represents the most vocal wing of the teachers union.
And one final point: isn’t it interesting to see what animates the teacher unions, what gets them protesting in the streets?  It’s the money – not the low level of academic achievement – that gets the teacher unions worked up.
They should be directed to George Soros @ 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in Washington DC….

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theo said...

It is so much fun to watch the 'Professional Left' in the background behind all of this all screaming and crying and having their periods together when a real grown up who understands basic economic principles makes the government tit go dry. The billions that we have poured into education has done little to advance our kid's education but everything to help fuel their various radical power grabbing agendas i.e. gobal warming, Islamization of America, tolerance to "alternative" lifesytles (with NAMBLA and beasitality on the near horizon) etc & etc. The way they try and spend Other People's Money (always other people's) is not sustainable in any way shape or form. They should have anticipated cut backs in this current economy (being educated and all). They also should have anticipated the dissolving of the unions which have always gone to great lengths to proptected the expensive non-preformers by circling the wagons where ever they are brought to light.