Thursday, March 03, 2011

Religion of Peace Alert: Muslim Terrorist Kills Two US Airmen In German Airport

A follower of the Cartoon Like Prophet Muhammad shouted 'Allah Akbar' as he began firing on a bus filled with US Air Force Personnel.

From The Daily Mail:

  • Lone Kosovan gunman, 21, shot dead soldier and driver
  • Kosovan authorities identify suspect as Arif Uka
  • Uncle says he was a German-born devout Muslim who worked at the airport
  • Troops had just arrived in Germany from Britain
  • 'Too early to say if it is terrorist attack,' say police

Two American airmen were shot dead and another left fighting for his life today after a Kosovo Albanian gunman stormed their bus before opening fire at Germany’s busiest airport where he allegedly worked.

Officials said the gunman, identified as Arid Uka, 21, shouted out 'Islamic slogans' before opening fire. 

He gunned down his first victim as the soldier stood in front of the vehicle at Terminal 2 before turning his weapon on the driver as he sat behind the wheel.

ABC News reported that when the gunman opened fire, he shouted 'Allah Akbar' which is Arabic for 'God is Great'.

I must add my complete surprise that the Liberal Government Controlled Media even included the fact that the Islamonutjob who committed this act of Islamic Terrorism against US Military Personnel shouted “Allah Akbar” as he was shooting.  Quite typically, the Lamestream Media does their best to hide this information so as to give protection to the Followers of this Murderous Cult that even our own President is a follower of.

There is no gratitude in Islam for the infidel. When Clinton was President the US under UN Approval bombed the Christian Serbs into submission, all so the Muslims could take over European turf in Kosovo. This is the thanks we get for making the takeover of Europe by Islamofacists possible. (Sarcasm Intended)

Europe is just beginning to wake up to the disaster that Multiculturalism has created and how it is destroying their Judeo-Christian Culture all to appease Muslims who in reality are not seeking appeasement, but DOMINATION of the world and the destruction of Jews, Christians and virtually every religion that is not Islamic. 

Thanks to Political Correctness in America, we are far from our awakening as to what the true intent of Muslims in America have on us and G-d forbid anyone speak up against Islam for then they are branded as Racists much like anyone who disagrees with the current administration.

Religion of Pieces


When will our awakening begin???

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