Monday, March 07, 2011

Quinnipiac Poll: NJ Gov. Chris Christie Hottest Politician in the Country, Pelosi Least Favorite

But, but, but…How can this be??? 

From North Jersey:

Governor Christie is the hottest politician in the country right now, a Quinnipiac thermometer poll rating American voters’ feelings on national figures found.

The governor got a 57 degrees score, beating out President Barack Obama’s 56.5 degrees.

Christie didn’t win the top spot, though. That goes to First Lady Michelle Obama, who tops the list with a 60.1 degree ranking. Former President Bill Clinton is number two with 59.2 degrees. Christie is third on the list, followed by the president.

The poll asked voters to give national figures a score from 1 to 100 on a “feeling thermometer,” and calculated the mean score.

The lowest-ranked spot went to Rep. Nancy Pelosi. U.S. Sen. Harry Reid is second to last, and former Alaska gov. Sarah Palin is third coolest.

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1 comment:

theo said...

I don't know why Michelle O is popular she is so gross I wouldn't fuck her with Bill Clinton or Ted Kennedy's dick (even now).... I do agree with Nanny Pelousy and Harry Reidtard being the bottom two....