Thursday, March 03, 2011

NJ Union Members Suspended For Calling In Sick To Attend Protest

Anyone else sick and freaking tired of these Union people sucking the life out of the public tit?

From NBC New York:

Three union workers who called out sick to attend a labor rally at the New Jersey Statehouse last week have been suspended.

The move comes a day after Gov. Christie told NBC New York in an interview that "people who call in sick better be sick." Christie issued his warning ahead of another labor rally that drew thousands on Thursday.

Monmouth County officials said the three employees suspended without pay Thursday work for the county's Senior Citizen Area Transportation service and are members of CWA Local 1038.

The county said the workers were among 14 in the department who called in sick; officials alleged that 174 developmentally disabled adults who depend on the county's services ended up "waiting for buses that never came."

"These employees are being suspended without pay based on the fact that we have evidence to prove that they were not home sick as they had claimed," said Lillian Burry, a county Freeholder.

State Senator Joe Kyrillos(R-Monmouth) who first complained of a 'sick-out' applauded Freeholders, noting they were "caught on camera" at last week's rally.

But since none of the drivers showed up for work that day, he wants officials to keep reviewing video to see "if others were absent without proper excuse."

Meanwhile, thousands more rallied again at the Statehouse -- this time a gathering of police and firefighters protesting job cuts and changes to first responder benefits and pensions.

Labor unions have been riding a wave of national attention on labor contracts and collective bargaining, sparked in part by disputes between Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and public employees there.

About time we started standing up to these parasitic thugs!

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Anonymous said...

Out in the real world I would have fired the bastards, not suspended them. I assume that there is some special process to be followed and hoops to be jumped through because they are union employees?