Thursday, March 03, 2011

Hugo Chavez To The Rescue!

A ruthless terrorist aiding dictator wants to help a ruthless terrorist aiding dictator…What could go wrong here???


From Yahoo News:

CARACAS (Reuters) – Venezuela pushed a vague peace plan for Libya on Thursday, saying President Hugo Chavez's friend Muammar Gaddafi was in favor of foreign mediation.

Though rebels have rejected talks with the Libyan president and some analysts view the Chavez plan as grand-standing by the socialist leader, officials in Caracas said the idea had gained traction in Tripoli.

"Libya accepts the proposal to work for a negotiated end to the conflict accompanied by an international commission," Information Minister Andres Izarra told Reuters.

"Venezuela will continue its contacts in the Arab world and elsewhere to find formulas for peace."

Gaddafi's son Said El-Islam told Sky News he appreciated the offer but said there was no need for help from Venezuela.

Maybe Chavez can go to Libya and we can kill two tyrants with one Tomahawk missile, but that would take a leader with balls of iron, and right now, we currently don’t have a president who has any testicles at all and will likely bow to any one of these two schmucks if he met up with them.

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theo said...

I agree. I can just imagine that after Michelle lubes up her strap-on, Obama makes her put on the Chevez mask before she starts to corn-hole him. What a sickening mangina he is.....