Monday, March 21, 2011

Amateur Hour: Chicago Jesus Takes Rio

We have no budget to keep the government running. Our of our closest biggest allies, Japan, is on the brink of collapse. Israel, arguably our biggest middle east alley, is being attacked by rockets from Obama’s partners in peace Hamas. The Schmuck in Libya is killing his own people and we are hoping France ----FRANCE of all Countries can handle it for us. That is of course if Hillary says its OK. All this while our President takes the wife and kids to South for "spring break."  On our dime of course!  The world is crumbling around us and our President is on vacation…..AGAIN while the rest of us struggle to pay our bills.

4 year vacation

From Yahoo News:

RIO DE JANEIRO – President Barack Obama played grand tourist to Rio de Janeiro's vivid extremes on Sunday, motorcading from brilliant beaches to a notorious slum even as he monitored U.S. military strikes in faraway Libya.

With his whole family in tow on the second day of a Latin American tour meant to knit economic and cultural ties, the president visited the City of God shantytown that gained fame after a movie by the same name was nominated for four Oscars. At a community center in the heart of the jostling slum, the president plunged into the lives of children there, playing soccer with kids and watching enthralled at a dazzling martial arts display.

The president shed his coat and tie, rolled up his sleeves and dribbled one-on-one soccer with one surprised boy. Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia got involved, too, kicking a ball around with the kids.

Then the president walked out into the streets and waved to throngs of residents who cheered him from rooftops and balconies. Dozens of young children pressed up against a chainlink fence trying to get a look.

On the metal roofs of the poor shantybuildings armed guards stood by. It was a short visit but the president got a glimpse of the poverty of the slum, visceral scenes of jumbled dwellings, and people lining the streets.

Meanwhile, seemingly a world away U.S. warplanes launched a coordinated assault against Gadhafi's defenses a day after the president authorized the military action to enforce an internationally authorized no-fly zone to protect Libyan civilians. The president had been on a conference call with his top advisers earlier Sunday to get briefed on the effort as juggled his tourist activities and economic outreach in Latin America with the unceasing demands of being commander-in-chief.

You're kidding me right? Meanwhile back in America we are faced with high gas, high food prices, energy prices are soaring every single day, and this schmuck goes on vacation? He is already planning another one in a few weeks to Ireland? This is just fucking nuts. Hello, is there anyone out there trying to help Americans? Seems the one that was to build America up is either have a party at the White House, is on vacation, or is playing golf and picking basketball teams for the college playoffs! Obama is a fucking joke. I have to wonder, if he had told us all what he was this was how he was going to “Lead” America before he was elected,  I wonder who would have voted for him?

He’s making a fool out of America as a whole nation.  Obama is an embarrassment to our country and is an incompetent bumbling boob as a so called “Leader”.  As far as I’m concerned, Brazil can keep him!


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theo said...

The "Vacationer-in-Chief" continues with his "American Appology Tour" bought and paid for by the American people. He and Michelle thank the unwashed masses for their continued sacrifies that enable them to do it. Michelle states that there might be an extra ration of beets to the proletariat as long as they are not overweight of course......Meanwhile, on the bright side, VP Joe Biden had a train station named after him (because he has been a long time staunch supporter of the failed money-pit Amtrak). He told the press that he was especially proud that he, Obama, Kucinich, Grahm, Reid and Frank all had "Glory Holes" in the train station's bathrooms dedicated to them......he stated that he promises to sit in front of his everytime he uses the train.....

j3maccabee said...

From the reporter on the scene in Rio, a hitherto overlooked report:
"When Mr. Obama toured the slums, he had his interpreter assist him in shouting "Yo, dawg, whutuo?" in the local dialect, as he tossed goodwill gifts of autographed photos of himself, and a dozen CDs of "Killa Glock" and "D-Bag Hollaback" to the denizens of the poverty stricken area.

He also promised to create or save a million jobs and to provide pre-filled out and international postage paid absentee voting materials for all of the slum dwellers.