Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The White House Is Helping to Orchestrate a National Union Uprising

This is Chicago Jesus' way of Organizing For America.  He is ignoring our allies around the world but helping unions stir up trouble around the country.

From RedState.Com

A full 88% of America is union-free. Yet, despite the fact that the vast majority of American taxpayers do not belong to a union, let alone work for the government, we Americans are being held hostage by a loud and thuggish minority who feel that it is their right to force the vast majority of Americans acquiesce to their demands.
Last week, we learned that the Democrat National Committees’s Organizing for America has been orchestrating and mobilizing the protests going on in Wisconsin. This week, unions across the country are marching on state capitols to show their “solidarity.”
Today, we learn that top AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka is visiting the White House two to three times per week and speaking with someone in the White House everyday.
Given the calls for a general strike in Wisconsin, the AFL-CIO (and American Left’s) role in the mid-east uprisings, the OFA’s hand in the Wisconsin protests and, now, this admission by the AFL-CIO boss, one cannot help but wonder if, in fact, the Obama administration is engaging in activities to help his union buddies bring about real “transformational” change to America. After all, it does seem that the workers of the world are uniting in a very coincidental way, doesn’t it?

Obama is a malicious, malevolent malefactor who dislikes American history, traditions and institutions — including the Constitution — and is using his powerful position to stick it to us.  Anyone who’s not willing to be honest about this is standing in HIS way. Winning a battle BEGINS with honesty about who the enemy is....Obama and the Liberal Democrats!!!

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