Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Royal Snub: Obama Family Not Invited To Royal Wedding, First Lady Still Wants to Go

Chicago Jesus and his family have been snubbed by the Royal family of Great Britain and are not invited to the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.

From the Daily Mail:
President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle have not been invited to Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding.
The Queen personally invited 40 heads of state, who received the gold-embossed invitations over the weekend to the April 29 wedding of the future king.
The Obamas, however, were not among them.
Leaders from Commonwealth counties, including Australia, Canada and New Zealand have been invited along with Kings and Queens across Europe, including Spain, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Greece.
Other guests include the King of Jordan, the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, the Sultan of Oman, the King of Bahrain, the Sultan of Brunei and the King of Saudi Arabia, the Emperor of Japan, the King of Malaysia, the King of Tonga and the King of Thailand.
Around 1,900 guests will attend the Westminster Abbey ceremony, which will be beamed around the world, and the bride and groom have been allowed to invite more than, 1,000 of their friends.
The invitations, which were posted last week, are on thick white card, bevelled, gilded and stamped with EIIR in gold which has then been burnished.
This is Hilarious...

Why is this so hilarious you might ask?  Two reasons, first is  The President of the United States bows to the world, and the First Lady has to BEG for an invite and the second reason is how bout the fact that Kanye West and Sir Paul McCartney were in fact INVITED to the wedding while the Obamas will be forced to sit this one out.  I am almost peeing my pants this shit is so fucking funny!!! 

I think the Royal Family knows that the Obamas don’t hold a place in their hearts for England…remember the bust of Winston Churchill?  How bout the cheesy gifts that Obama gave the PM of England and the Ipod with his speeches preloaded on it to the Queen?  The wedding is a family affair..the bride and groom should invite who they want. Good for them.

The snubbed bitter half of President Obama isn't giving up though.  She said she would still go if the Royal Family were to CHANGE their minds.

From The Telegraph:

Michelle Obama is likely to exasperate courtiers with her comments about the royal wedding after they went to such lengths to accommodate the White House.
Even after it was clear that Prince William and Kate Middleton would not be sending a wedding invitation to the White House, Michelle Obama still appears not to have given up hope.
“If I get invited, I’ll go,” the First Lady said on the Live With Regis and Kelly Show on American television. She conceded, however, that, as things stand, she had not been invited.
Her comments are likely to exasperate senior courtiers, who — as I reported on Nov 14 last year — had to put off naming the wedding date until a week after announcing the engagement because White House officials were not at first certain when Barack Obama and his wife would make their first state visit to Britain. Obama’s men, adamant that the two events should not clash, subsequently agreed May 24 to 26, almost a month after the royal wedding, as the dates for his visit.
The President of the United States bows to the world, and the First Lady has to BEG for an invite!!!  Given the First Lady's eating habits of pigging out while telling the rest of us what not to eat, the Wedding Cake would most likely be Missing in Action if she were to attend.

One can only imagine what the First Family would give as a gift to the Royal Couple, perhaps a Free Abortion courtesy of the Federally Funded Planned Parenthood? 

If the First Lady had an ounce of class (which she doesn't) then she would just graciously send a gift and give the young couple their best wishes but given the fact that Michelle Obama has neither Grace nor Class, that is highly unlikely to happen!


Anonymous said...

where s the begging, snobbish queen.

Anonymous said...

A bigoted Jew?!? Hmmmm, okay. It is propaganda like this and the blatant distortion of facts that will lose the 2012 elections. As I recall this is one of the problems that helped Dems to win. It is also this mean-spirited rhetoric that is destroying America.

Anonymous said...

What really bugs me is the fact that the Kings of Saudi Arabia and Bahrain have recently suppressed peaceful decent with such ugly and vicious violence and the threat of violence that their presence at the royal wedding--one would think--would be an embarrassment to the British nation and people. You'd think that perhaps they could have uninvited them? It makes the snub of Obama a bit more painful and insulting.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the royal family is waiting on hope and change too???

Anonymous said...

Had Bush been in office and not been invited we would have been hearing about the snub 24-7. The media isn’t permitted to criticize King B.O.