Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Rahm Emanuel Offers $2,500 Reward For Name of Person Making Fun of Him on Twitter

Since when is it against the law to express our freedom of speech and make fun of Political Thuggish Boobs like Emanuel and Obama? 

From the Daily Caller:

Chicago mayoral candidate Rahm Emanuel wants to know who’s making fun of him on Twitter.
The former White House Chief of Staff is offering $2,500 to the anonymous author of the parody @MayorEmanuel Twitter account. In return, the author must come forward and reveal his or her true identity. Emanuel says the money will be donated to a charity of @MayorEmanuel’s choosing.
I'm sure he could just enlist Obama's band of personal thugs from the Nation of Islam or the "New" Black Panthers to take care of his dirty work for him.

The full Profile to the thorn in Rahm's side can be found HERE.

This is actually the first that I've heard about Chicago holding elections in which "Real" people get elected, besides, I may not be the guy, but if an asshole as huge as Rahm Emanuel wants to GIVE ME $2500 vs the way him and Obama have stolen it from me over the past couple of years, then hell, I'm your guy Rahm!!! Come and get me asshole!

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JD Beebe said...

I don't know if it's the same person, but the Rahm camp is "leaking" some very bizarre new marketing today. Check out this TRON-inspired...campaign video?

yitz said...

What a Schmuck